Knicks: Carmelo Anthony Impressed with Kristaps Porzingis’ Attitude


According to Ian Begley of ESPN, Carmelo Anthony is impressed with Kristaps Porzingis‘ attitude.

Anthony, like most of us on draft night had no clue who Porzingis was but likes what he sees from the young Latvian so far.

"“I never even saw the guy [play] until they called me right before and said they were picking him and they showed the highlights on the TV,”“Honestly that’s where I wanted to see him compete. It wasn’t about him going out there scoring 15, 20 points. It was more his toughness, his heart, kind of how he’s going to react to the physical play in the NBA,”"

As per Marc Berman of the New York Post, Anthony feels that Porzingis is not afraid of all of the challenges that lie ahead.

"“During the summer I saw that [Porzingis] seemed very comfortable,’’ “Today he seemed comfortable. It doesn’t seem like he’s timid.”"

Anthony does not envy the position Porzingis is in, being highly scrutinized by the media because of the position and location he was drafted from.

"“I wasn’t a rookie in New York,’’“It’s hard to put myself in those shoes. The difference: Everyone knew who I was. Nobody knew who he was. You had to go on YouTube and see his clips. That’s why he got the reaction he got when he got drafted.’’"

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Of course everyone knew who you were Melo…you won the NCAA Championship the year you were drafted! But make no mistake about it, the only player that will be more criticized during the season will most likely be Anthony, otherwise Porzingis’ every move and step he takes will be under a microscope.

Although when asked about the pressure on Media Day Porzingis said he feels like he can handle all the pressure that comes with being the fourth overall pick for the New York Knicks.

"“Yea one thing is my personality, and then I think I have the right people around me. My family, they keep my head straight and make sure I do the right thing and not worry about other stuff too much. That’s the main thing for a young guy in a big city like this.”"

So far every Porzingis has said and done all the right things. From working hard and eating right to put on 11 pounds to even studying Usain Bolt’s running technique, Porzingis has built up a lot of goodwill so far with Knick fans. Everything has been positive so far. After getting a glimpse of the future in Summer League, all Knick fans are now looking forward to seeing Porzingis play in preseason.

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