Knicks: Kristaps Porzingis Is Working Hard


Kristaps Porzingis is getting himself ready for training camp with a strict routine, as per Ian Begley of ESPN.

The rookie wakes up at 6:45 A.M. and eats breakfast before lifting weights at 8 and then meeting with his teammates at 9 to stretch, work on the offense, and scrimmage, per Begley. He has mentioned how helpful the scrimmages had been for him. Particularly against Carmelo Anthony.

After finishing up there he has his second meal of the day then goes home to have another meal and take a nap. Porzingis is on a strict diet where he needs to consume 5,000 calories per day, per Begley. How about the rest of his day?

Back in the gym for an hour of weight training at 6 P.M.

He has already put on 11 pounds of muscle since being drafted. Porzingis hopes that his new diet will help him gain 4 more pounds before the start of training camp.

He told the MSG Network:

"“I was real skinny in the summer league, so now I’m putting on some nicer weight that’s probably 90 percent muscle that helps me. I even feel stronger, quicker and I can jump a little higher. I don’t think [the weight gain] will slow me down. I think that will make me quicker and maybe even more athletic.”"

Those were three of the biggest worries about Porzingis — his strength, quickness, and athleticism — so it’s good to know that the 20-year-old kid is intelligent enough to know what to work on. Begley’s story ends with Porzingis saying he, “Can’t wait for training camp to start so I can fight for my spot.”

Kristaps Porzingis is saying and doing literally all of the right things. When he was booed by New York Knicks fans on draft night he vowed to change the minds of all the doubters in the crowd. The rookie is clearly committed to making an impact from the onset. He doesn’t want to wait a season. The more he watches Derrick Williams play the more he will think he deserves playing time at the power forward spot.

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When Phil Jackson, the man who had sung the praises of Porzingis’ potential more than anyone, compared Porzingis to Shawn Bradley people were alarmed. Did he really take Shawn Bradley with the fourth pick? Then Porzingis once again did the best thing he could have done. He declared that he was not Shawn Bradley and he wanted to be better than the former Dallas Maverick. He also said he knew what Phil was doing, that it was his style to get players fired up in that way. He wasn’t even afraid to take on Phil Jackson.

It’s impossible not to root for Kristaps Porzingis. On Thursday, Oct. 29 against the Atlanta Hawks the crowd will explode in anticipation when his name is called.

We’re all waiting to see what he can do.

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