Knicks: Kristaps Porzingis Has Gained 11+ Pounds!


Kristaps Porzingis has gained five kilogram since starting New York Knicks’ weight-training program (five weeks ago), according to Marc Berman of the New York Post, who interviewed Porzingis’ former-coach, Audie Norris.

Five kilogram is the equivalent to 11.0231 pounds. Norris told the Post that Porzingis is aware he needs to workout and gain weight.

"“His work ethic is really, really high. Not trying to sound like an agent. I coached him and know his potential. He’s doing everything in his power to prove the fans who booed wrong.’’“The kid’s got a good appetite’’“He’s aware he has to put on weight. That’s going to be a big part of his pro career — to gain muscle. It will help him in the long run.’’"

While Norris coached Porzingis in Baloncesto Sevilla, he focused training on Porzingis’ inside game, as well as working on his bank shot.

"“The first thing everyone knew about him is he’s a perimeter player who shot the ball well, but my focus was to improve his interior game, which he didn’t have,’’“He was all face-up jumper, 3-point shooter. We focused on a post-up game, jump hook, back to the basket.’’“We had to develop with Kris was his turnaround jump shot off the glass,’’“He never shot a bank shot before. We worked on it and he got good developing it.’’"

He sure did! Porzingis showed off his bank shot immediately in his first Summer League game.

"“He called me to thank me for teaching him the bank shot’’“I told him it’s a shot you’ll have the rest of his career. That was cool. Very proud.’’"

Awww a proud papa bear. Norris is confident in Porzingis’ abilities and believes he can contribute right away, stating that Phil Jackson made the right decision in selecting the Latvian fourth overall.

"“I think he’s going to do very well his rookie season, because he has more confidence than fans really know,’’“The Knicks did a good job of looking at Kris in all aspects. I don’t think Phil would’ve wasted a high draft pick on somebody who wouldn’t contribute his first year.“"

New York is certainly hoping that, that is true. The Knicks brought in Kurt Rambis to mentor Porzingis and to further his development.

The Knicks needs Porzingis to eat, sleep, lift, repeat to gain the necessary weight and muscle to play as a center in the NBA.

"“He’s going to improve his rebounding, shot blocking and defense because he’s going to get bigger and stronger, no doubt,’’"

11+ pounds in five weeks, not bad but let’s strive for more! “The kid’s got a good appetite’’, I hope this is how good an appetite Porzingis has right now.

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