Tom Thibodeau claps back at Sixers' lame effort to accuse Knicks of wrongdoing

Thibs is so funny without trying to be.
New York Knicks, Tom Thibodeau
New York Knicks, Tom Thibodeau / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

You'd think with the New York Knicks up 2-0 in their first-round playoff series, the Sixers would be more preoccupied with Game 3. Think again. After New York's Game 2 win, Philadelphia filed a grievance to the NBA regarding the officiating in the first two games.

The ending of Game 2 was chaotic, with the Knicks scoring eight points in 27 seconds to secure the 104-101 win. To be fair to the Sixers (sorry), the last two-minute report did say that Tyrese Maxey was fouled twice and that Nick Nurse should've been granted a timeout.

NBA officiating has been inconsistent all season, so Philadelphia's outrage makes sense. However, as Tim Legler said, the officiating shouldn't be the Sixers' primary focus.

Philadelphia has been clowned for filing a grievance with the league. Why? Because it's funny. What makes it even more amusing is that the Sixers wrongfully called the Knicks out in the grievance.

"The Sixers also noted that the Knicks have been using private information about the referees in their game notes. With no reaction from the NBA, the team intends to red flag that."

Keith Pompey, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Thibs responds to Sixers' claim that Knicks have been using 'private information'

On Wednesday, Tom Thibodeau addressed Philadelphia's claim that New York has been using private information about the referees.

Here's a look at the "private" information that the Knicks have included in their game notes. Go ahead and punish them now, NBA!

Is this really what the Sixers are trying to do? Calling the Knicks out for their use of public information? Philadelphia's grasping for straws.

Even though the Knicks are up 2-0, the series is far from over. You know Thibodeau doesn't care that New York has a 92 percent chance to make it to the second round, nor does he care that the Sixers are 0-14 in playoff series when down 0-2.

Thibodeau is focused on preparing his squad for another battle, while Nick Nurse and Philadelphia are worried about public information. Thanks for the laugh, Sixers!