NBA officiating crew for critical Knicks Game 6 against Sixers couldn't be worse

Of course...
New York Knicks
New York Knicks / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The New York Knicks have yet another chance to end their first-round series against the Sixers on Thursday, but this time, the game is at Wells Fargo Center. New York fans took over Philadelphia in Games 3 and 4, but Sixers ownership bought 2,000 tickets to distribute to prevent that from happening again.

Tip-off is scheduled for 9 p.m. ET. That gives fans plenty of time to partake in pre-game festivities, meaning the crowd will likely be much more rowdier. If the Sixers win, they'll force a Game 7. If the Knicks win, they'll advance to the second round. A lot is on the line.

Philadelphia, I mean, the NBA, called Scott Foster in for backup. Otherwise known as "The Extender," Foster is the Crew Chief for Game 6.

It doesn't help that in 66.1% of the games Foster has officiated this season, the home team won. If there's a Game 7, Foster did his job.

NBA official Scott Foster is Game 6 Crew Chief for Knicks-Sixers

Foster was the Crew Chief for Game 1 on April 20 at MSG. The Knicks won that one, 111-104. Hopefully, the home team trend doesn't continue on Thursday.

Officiating has already been a point of contention in the first-round series. There was the controversial ending to Game 2 (that favored the Knicks), Joel Embiid's dirty antics in Game 3 that deserved an ejection, and Tyrese Maxey's travel at the end of Game 4 that should've erased his four-point play.

Fans of both teams have argued that one side has been favored over the other, but in all honesty, both sides have been screwed over. Fans want to see a fair game, but unfortunately, the chances of that happening are slim in today's NBA. If the officials will call ticky-tack fouls, do it on both sides. If the officials are going to let them play, let both teams do so. If Embiid pulls someone's legs from under them, please eject him.

Tonight shall be interesting. Hopefully, the officials remember fans are there to watch the players, not them!