Former Knicks fan favorite speaks truth about Joel Embiid dodging ejection

Once A Knick, Always A Knick!
New York Knicks, Philadelphia Sixers, Joel Embiid
New York Knicks, Philadelphia Sixers, Joel Embiid / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The New York Knicks are wrapped up in a dogfight of a series with the Sixers. Philadelphia defended home court with a 125-114 win on Thursday, but it didn't come without controversy. The playoffs always have their fair share of drama.

Joel Embiid was a man on a mission, but not in the way he should've been. His play reeked of desperation. He picked up an offensive foul for kneeing Isaiah Hartenstein in the groin. If that wasn't bad enough, Embiid pulled Mitchell Robinson's legs out from under him when the Knicks center went up for what was supposed to be a dunk.

Although it should've been a flagrant two foul, the officials deemed it a flagrant one. The definition of a flagrant two is "unnecessary and excessive contact," which is what Embiid did. If he had received a flagrant two, he would've been ejected. The NBA couldn't let the reigning MVP leave the first quarter of a playoff game in a series where his team is down 0-2!

Robinson missed the second half with a sprained left ankle. He left the arena in a walking boot. When Embiid was asked about the foul, he said he was trying to "protect" himself. He didn't want Robinson to land on him, which is interesting, considering he pulled Robinson's legs toward his body.

Immanuel Quickley gives his thoughts on Joel Embiid's play

On Friday morning, Immanuel Quickley was a guest on FanDuel's 'Run It Back' show. Michelle Beadle asked Quickley if he thought the play was dirty. The former Knicks guard was careful with his words but said that if any other player committed the foul, he isn't sure it would've been nothing more than a flagrant one.

Quickley's been tuned into the Knicks-Sixers series. He tweeted about Donte DiVincenzo's explosive dunk in Game 3.

Even though the Knicks-Raptors trade happened four months ago, it must be a little weird for IQ to watch New York in the postseason, knowing he was right there with them last year.

Quickley plays for a division rival now, but fans will always root for him and RJ Barrett. Once A Knick, Always A Knick!