Joel Embiid's selfish excuse for dirty play will infuriate Knicks fans all over again

Who does Embiid think he's fooling?
New York Knicks, Philadelphia Sixers, Joel Embiid
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New York Knicks fans knew that the Sixers would come out hot in Game 3, but they didn't expect Joel Embiid to intentionally injure Mitchell Robinson in the first quarter. Robinson didn't return in the second half, while Embiid went on to score 50 points and was applauded for doing so.

Sixers fans have tried to defend Embiid, but there's no excuse for what he did. Robinson went up for what should've been an easy two points down low, but Embiid grabbed his legs and pulled him down. It should've been a flagrant two foul on the Sixers' center, but the officials deemed it a flagrant one.

You're not alone if you're still questioning how Embiid didn't get a flagrant two foul. If that had happened, he would've been ejected. Philadelphia likely would've lost the game and gone down 0-3 in the series. The NBA couldn't let that happen! But is the NBA okay with Robinson leaving Wells Fargo Center in a walking boot?

No, he isn't the reigning MVP, but that doesn't mean the NBA should ignore the fact that Robinson was injured because of Embiid's recklessness that wasn't limited to one play.

Joel Embiid has shameful excuse for dirty play in Knicks-Sixers

If you thought Embiid would take ownership of taking Robinson's legs out from under him, think again. He can't admit he did something wrong, especially since the officials let him get away with it.

Instead, Embiid tried to flip the script by saying he was trying to protect himself, which makes absolutely no sense.

Embiid actually pulled Robinson's legs closer to his body, which heightened the chance of the Knicks center landing on him.

His excuse didn't fool anyone. Donte DiVincenzo called it a "dirty play." Isaiah Hartenstein said it wasn't a "basketball play." Josh Hart said he's glad Robinson didn't suffer a "serious injury."

Hart's right, as it was a good sign Robinson was initially able to stay in the game, but his status for Game 4 is up in the air.

Everyone has praised Embiid for playing on "one knee" and with "one eye," but let's not forget that Robinson underwent ankle surgery in early December and missed 50 games. He fought to return in time for the playoffs. The big man pulled down seven rebounds in 12 minutes before he was forced to miss the second half.

It's foolish to think the NBA will do something, but maybe Adam Silver will surprise us all. Letting Embiid's behavior slide would be a disgrace.