Kendrick Perkins becomes even more beloved by fans for pro-Knicks agenda

Knicks fans love Big Perk.
New York Knicks, Kendrick Perkins
New York Knicks, Kendrick Perkins / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

Believe it or not, New York Knicks fans love a former player who won a championship with the Celtics in 2008. Why? Because Kendrick Perkins has praised the Knicks all season long, especially Jalen Brunson. He disagreed with Becky Hammon when she said Brunson wasn't a 1A player. He's why many Knicks fans don't immediately turn ESPN off.

After New York secured the No. 2 seed, Perkins tweeted that he needs to go to MSG for a playoff game. If that happens, he'll get a standing ovation when he's shown on the jumbotron.

On Tuesday, Perkins revealed his ballots for the end-of-season awards. He voted for Jalen Brunson for First Team All-NBA and Tom Thibodeau for Coach of the Year. Is anyone surprised?

Perkins also said he went with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander for MVP but that Brunson received consideration. For whatever season, Brunson hasn't gotten much MVP love, even though he led the Knicks to the second seed in the East without Julius Randle, who last played on Jan. 27.

Perk voted for Brunson to make First Team All-NBA, Thibs for Coach of the Year

Brunson is a lock to make an All-NBA Team, but there's been a lot of debate about which team he'll make. The assumption is that he'll be Second Team All-NBA, although Knicks fans would, of course, love to see him make First Team. Regardless of how the season ends, it'll be a historic one for Brunson.

Oklahoma City's Mark Daigneault is the favorite to win Coach of the Year for leading his young team to the No. 1 seed in a stacked Western Conference. Daigneault would undoubtedly deserve the honor, but Thibodeau's almost been forgotten.

It makes sense why Perkins voted for Thibs, as he successfully navigated a season full of injuries and midseason trades. Like OKC, New York finished as the second-best team in a stacked Eastern Conference. You got laughed at if you said before the season that the Knicks would finish above the Bucks. Say what you want about Thibodeau, but he's done a fantastic job (subscription required).

Perk can keep pushing his pro-Knicks agenda for as long as he wants. It's not as if what he's saying is outlandish. Brunson deserves more respect, Thibodeau deserves more respect, and the Knicks organization deserves more respect. Carry on...

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