Jalen Brunson uses his Knicks superiority to expertly roast Mikal Bridges

Mikal can't catch a break.
New York Knicks, Jalen Brunson, Brooklyn Nets, Mikal Bridges
New York Knicks, Jalen Brunson, Brooklyn Nets, Mikal Bridges / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday was quite the day for New York Knicks fans. The "Roommates Show" episode with Tom Thibodeau dropped, as did a Bleacher Report interview with Taylor Rooks and Jalen Brunson. There wasn't a shortage of content.

As expected, the Thibs episode brought a lot of laughs, but so did the Brunson interview. The star point guard called out Reggie Miller for his latest anti-Knicks rant, but that isn't the only person Brunson clapped back at.

At the end of the interview, Rooks said Mikal Bridges wanted her to ask why Brunson's name is "Dom-ian Lillard." Brunson laughed and credited Bridges for coming up with the nickname, but he roasted his former Villanova teammate right back. He said Bridges looks like ET and is built like a toothpick. Before Rooks ended the interview, Brunson said, "And Mikal's still on the Nets, so that's enough roasting."

Jalen Brunson roasts Mikal Bridges for being on the Nets

Poor Mikal can't catch a break, but he asked for it this time. When he was traded to Brooklyn in 2023, Josh Hart started "recruiting" him to the Knicks. Hart did so before he played in his first game as a Knick.

A year and a half later, Hart still seizes every opportunity to bring up the Knicks with Bridges. The Nets wing can't ask a simple question on X (Twitter) without Hart chiming in.

New York fans have clamored for a Bridges trade, but the Mets have higher odds of winning the World Series. The Nets and Knicks don't do business. Bobby Marks worked in Brooklyn's front office for 20 years, and he said the two sides never discussed a trade during that time.

There's a real possibility Bridges could hit the trade market this summer, even though the Nets have said they want to keep him. If he does, maybe Brooklyn would take New York's call, but only to demand Julius Randle and all of the Knicks' picks.

Hopefully, for Bridges' sake, he gets out of Brooklyn, not just so his former Villanova buddies will stop bothering him. If every NBA player had to list the 30 teams in order of who they want to play for to who they wish to least play for, the Nets would likely come in at the bottom.

Save Mikal.