NY Knicks: Reacting to a potential Mitchell Robinson trade

Mitchell Robinson. New York Knicks. (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Mitchell Robinson. New York Knicks. (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

Going into this season, I think I speak for the bulk of the fanbase when I say that we were all expecting the NY Knicks to be a lot better than they’ve looked so far.

One major disappointment has been Center Mitchell Robinson.

The oft-injured big man had a lot of excitement behind his name going into the season, but now just a couple of months have gone by and he seems to be more of a liability at times than an asset.

The front office also has a decision looming as to whether or not they’d like to commit the next several years to Mitch as the team’s defensive anchor.

If Mitch and his representation are asking too high of a price tag for his services, the Knicks should look to move him before the trade deadline instead of losing him for nothing.

I for one think that the perfect trade partner would be the Pacers, and a big man swap for Myles Turner would work out well for both sides in the deal.

Would you consider this Mitchell Robinson trade for the NY Knicks?

NBA Analysis Network on the other hand thinks that the Dallas Mavericks have a deal they could put together for Mitch.

In the deal, the Knicks get rid of two expiring contracts in Mitchell Robinson and Kevin Knox in exchange for Maxi Kleber, Moses Brown, and a heavily protected 2nd rounder.

Where do I even begin…

First of all, to protect a second-round pick, in general, is like a slap in the face, to begin with, but to make it so that the Knicks wouldn’t get that pick unless the Mavs are a top-12 team in the league all the way out in 2025 is a complete joke.

Maxi Kleber is a nice player and he’s on a pretty fair contract if the Knicks did plan on keeping him into next season.

Next year is not guaranteed for Kleber so they could just dump him as an expiring deal if need be.

The fact is, that wouldn’t make any sense because, at that point, they could have just kept Kevin Knox for that reason.

Also, there’s already a pretty serious log jam at the Power Forward position for the Knicks between Obi Toppin and Julius Randle…

To bring another guy in who can’t really play the 3 or the 5 either would frankly be asinine.

Moses Brown is an interesting young piece that showed flashes last season while with Oklahoma City.

But there are substantial reasons behind why he’s been traded and moved teams so many times during just 3 seasons in the NBA.

He’s still pretty raw and a team like the Knicks shouldn’t be looking for pieces to develop long-term like Brown.

The only team that gets better in the deal is the Mavericks because of what Mitch is capable of doing on a basketball court compared to what the Mavs’ areas of need are.

They desperately need rebounding and rim protection and Mitch does just that.

Bad trade. I’d never consider this if I were Leon Rose.

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