NY Knicks: B/R questions if Kevin Knox belongs in the NBA

Kevin Knox‘s situation will be a popular topic of conversation amongst NY Knicks fans for the rest of the season.

Similar to Frank Ntilikina from last season, Kevin Knox has entered into the final year of his rookie-scale contract without any kind of extension.

I for one believed that the Knicks should have extended him with the intent to trade him down the line, but what do I know?

Bleacher Report released a pretty interesting article this morning in regards to whether they believed Knox actually has a spot in the NBA at all, or if he’s maybe better suited for a lower-level league.

The NBA’s rookie extension deadline came and went Monday, and as overwhelmingly expected, it passed without a deal being struck between Kevin Knox and New York Knicks. So nonexistent were the chances there’d be an agreement, the absence of one never registered as a blip on the radar.

In many ways, this is the perfect encapsulation of Knox’s time with New York. Rookie extensions are reserved for players who guarantee impact or hint at lasting potential. Knox has done neither, and his future, not just with the Knicks but the NBA at large, hangs in the balance because of it.

Numerous entities across the internet have highlighted the fact that several players drafted after Knox at the 9th pick of the 2018 draft have gone on to receive massive paydays. recently.

Do you think NY Knicks’ Kevin Knox belongs in the NBA?

Those names include Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Michael Porter Jr, and Mikal Bridges.

Knox has generally been a disappointment as a whole but has definitely shown glimpses of potential, most notably in the 3-point shooting department.

Knox has failed to even meet the most fundamental barometer for hope. His outside shooting is the closest he’s come. He drilled 39.3 percent of his three-pointers last season, including 52.4 percent of his corner triples.

That level of marksmanship has clear value. It is less definable when it comes across a 464-minute, sub-100-attempt sample size.

In his limited opportunities between last preseason and the one that just passed, he’s impressed some to an extent.

But once the regular season came, his lack of motor and poor defensive abilities slowly lost him his spot in the Knicks’ rotation.

I attribute a large portion of his struggles to all of the uncertainty he’s had to endure ever since being drafted…dealing with numerous coaching and front office changes for a young kid just barely 19-years-old can be difficult.

But to say Knox doesn’t have a place in the league is preposterous.

If the Knicks have no intentions of keeping him in New York, the right thing to do would be to trade him to a team toward the bottom of the barrel so to say.

This way he can compete for a chance to make it into a team’s rotation that isn’t really vying for a playoff spot anytime soon.

I’ve suggested teams like OKC, Orlando, and Houston in the past.

Maybe I’m biased but I think Kevin Knox has the ability to make something of himself in the NBA, even if it were to be in a somewhat limited capacity.

What are your thoughts?