NY Knicks: 3 Kevin Knox trades to consider before the season starts

NY Knicks, Kevin Knox (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
NY Knicks, Kevin Knox (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /
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Kevin Knox, NY Knicks
Kevin Knox, NY Knicks (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images) /

It seems as if the NY Knicks are all set on their major moves this offseason.

They have roughly $4 million left to play around with, assuming they don’t perhaps cut Luca Vildoza and re-sign him or make any additional trades from here.

The Knicks currently have their 10-man roster pretty much set, so it looks like Kevin Knox, who’s entering a contract season will get stuck as the 3rd small and power forward off the bench yet again.

In fact, if for some reason Alec Burks were to need to miss time, I think Quentin Grimes would get a look as the 2nd unit’s small forward before Kevin Knox does.

So clearly, his playing time is going to be limited yet again.

Should the NY Knicks move on from Kevin Knox this offseason?

Knox did show initiative and requested to play in this year’s Summer League, but unfortunately got pulled from the roster due to a health and safety protocol violation.

In my opinion, he only wanted to play in the Summer League to audition himself for his next potential team.

Similar to Dennis Smith Jr from last season, Kevin Knox was going to ride the bench all season until the front office found the right trade partners.

I think he has the size and shooting touch to become a serviceable combo-forward off the bench in this league one day, but needs the playing time on the court to help him develop and get him to that point.

If he wastes another season on the Knicks’ 3rd unit, it won’t get him any closer to where I’m sure he’d like to be.

So, therefore, the goal of this article is to find Kevin Knox a team that makes sense for him.

We’re gonna be looking at teams that are rebuilding and have the space for him inside their 10 to 12 man rotation.

Here are 3 Kevin Knox trades I’d like the Knicks to consider before the season starts.