NY Knicks: The real reason why NY should extend Kevin Knox

This article won’t be one that’s super drawn out and extensive because the reasoning as to why the NY Knicks should absolutely extend Kevin Knox is quite simple…it just might not be for the reason you think.

As we know, Kevin Knox has been nothing short of a disappointment since the Knicks drafted him back in 2018 with the 9th overall selection.

After what looked like a rookie-year campaign he’d be able to build upon and turn into a respectable NBA-caliber career, it’s just been downhill since then.

No one can deny that part of the reason why he’s been labeled a bust is due to the constant rotating door that is the team’s front office and coaching staff.

Although now there seems to be some stability, it’s too little too late.

Knox is entering the final year of his rookie contract and is set to become a restricted free agent this summer if the Knicks decide against offering him an extension prior to the October 18th deadline.

His long-term future with the Knicks is almost non-existent as there are just too many other guys that can play the two positions he’s capable of on the team that are frankly more deserving of minutes than he is.

So why extend him you ask?

Should the NY Knicks extend Kevin Knox?

Because the Knicks and more importantly their front office are friggin’ smart and it’s what a smart front office would do…allow me to explain.

We all loved Frank Ntilikina, right? Right.

But the fact remained that last year was in all likelihood going to be his last year on the team no matter what happened.

The team was reluctant to trade him on several occasions over the past few seasons…for what reason I don’t know.

I can understand why it didn’t happen 2 years ago, but Frank should have been traded somewhere for some kind of draft compensation rather than just allowing him to go for nothing this summer.

The reason why Knox should be extended and not traded at the deadline is that he can actually serve more of a purpose in the near future than just netting the Knicks a second-round pick or two.

It’s blatantly obvious that the Knicks will be trading for a Superstar at some point during the next two seasons, they’re simply waiting for the right one to become available.

The problem with trading for huge contracts when you’ve already maxed out your cap space for the next few seasons is finding a way to match salaries.

If the Knicks come close to matching the salary of a Superstar who’s making something in the realm of $40 million, it’ll allow them more wiggle room to bring on other players to fill out the roster.

Therefore, if the Knicks can sign Kevin Knox to a creative contract…something like 3-years/$15 million with two team options (Huge shoutout to Jeremy Cohen from Knicks Film School for the inspiration for this article and concept), it’ll allow them to have full control over Knox until the time to strike on a big deal comes around.

Sounds a lot more valuable than some future 2nd round pick, right?

If it came down to trading say…Quentin Grimes or Kevin Knox, just for salary matching purposes and not as a component of what the other team wants in return, who would you rather send out?

Same example…Taj Gibson or Kevin Knox?

I rest my case.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.