NY Knicks: Reacting to a proposed Collin Sexton trade idea

We’re reacting to yet another trade idea by NBA Analysis Network…and this time it’s sending Collin Sexton to our NY Knicks.

Coming from the Internet King of making up fake trade concepts, these are getting a little ridiculous already.

It’s blatantly obvious that the author(s) of these articles aren’t even Knicks fans and are just using the ol’ Knicks for Clicks formula that works oh so well nowadays.

Mind you, I was personally all over the idea of Sexton being traded to the Knicks prior to last season’s end…I thought he would be the perfect guy for this Knicks team.

He’s young so he fits the team’s timeline, he’s been in the league for 3 years already so he’s got enough experience under his belt to know what it takes to win, and while he’s not the type of Point Guard that’ll get you 8-10 assists per game…he’ll get you 5, but also add 25 points on top on any given night.

He attacks the basket aggressively like Thibs likes his PGs to but can also shoot 39% from deep.

The real question is what were the Cavs asking for in a deal that turned the Knicks off from the idea this summer?

We may never know.

Would you consider this trade for Collin Sexton to the NY Knicks?

Regardless, it’s almost as if the author of the article has no idea what the Knicks did to improve their roster over the summer.

This kind of trade is no longer necessary and if the Knicks do in fact make any trades in the near future, it’ll either be of a much smaller scale or a massive, blockbuster type of deal.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the proposed trade.

Knicks Get
Collin Sexton
Dean Wade
Cavaliers Get
Immanuel Quickley
Taj Gibson
DAL 2023 1st Rd Pick

Ok, so I like Dean Wade as a solid backup Power Forward, but that job is currently occupied by the Knicks’ 2020 8th overall pick in Obi Toppin.

Kevin Knox looks to be the 3rd string PF for this upcoming season as evidenced by his expanded role just the other day against Washington in Julius Randle’s absence.

Unless the Knicks also had plans to move Kevin Knox somewhere else, this part of the trade wouldn’t make any sense

Also, Taj isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…and if he is, it’ll be as a salary filler for some kind of mega-trade for a star.

He’s just become way too valuable to the Knicks’ entire organization just to move for the sake of doing so.

Now, regarding the biggest pieces swapping teams in this deal…Sexton to NY and Immanuel Quickley plus a first to Cleveland.

Firstly, I would hope Leon Rose would recognize that the Cavaliers have no intentions of extending Collin Sexton and will be most likely be letting him test free agency this upcoming summer with the ability to match any offers he gets.

Unless a team comes in and offers him a huge, max extension…he’s staying put for the time being.

Sending over IQ and a first gives Sexton all the leverage at the negotiating table for his next contract and would essentially force the Knicks to give him more money than he’s worth.

And Leon Rose will know exactly what Collin is asking for considering he’s represented by, you guessed it…CAA, Leon’s former agency.

I’m also not entirely too sure how much better Sexton is than Quickley…like, I know he’s a better player…but by how much?

The last and most important point I’d like to make is…let’s say this trade does happen…where the heck is Collin Sexton gonna play?

The Knicks already have two point guards in Kemba Walker and Derrick Rose alongside a solid 3rd string option in Deuce McBride.

Out of the question.

Okay, Sexton is better off as a Shooting Guard anyway, right?

The Knicks just paid Evan Fournier $19 million per season…they’re not benching him for Collin Sexton.

So what, Sexton is gonna be the backup Shooting Guard and play 20 minutes a night? After trading so much for him?

Silly trade idea…NEXT!