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Kristaps Porzingis has become the toast of the town a dozen games into the New York Knicks‘ 2015-2016 regular season.

The hype of Porzingis continues to grow, with the rookie scoring a career high 29 points against the Hornets earlier this week. Chants of “Por-Zing-Is” and “M.V.P” rained down from Madison Square Garden Tuesday night.

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There is so much excitement around Porzingis right now, that his jersey is becoming a rare commodity in New York. Porzingis’ jerseys are selling out like hotcakes.

The excitement for the kid will continue to grow with a new VICE video displaying Porzinigs’ understanding and maturity for a 20 year-old youngster. In a three-minute ride along interview with VICE, Porzingis said he understood why he got booed on draft night and understood the the mindset of the suffering fan base.

"“I didn’t get pissed when I got booed on draft night, I was ready for it”“My agent, my brother, everybody around me, they were like ‘it’s New York, especially if you’re European and they don’t know you here. You’re going to get booed.’, so I was ready for it as soon as they called my name. BOOOO, didn’t really let that get to my head.”"

Porzingis also showed his maturity, saying people has been warning about the New York media but he knows that the media is just trying to doing their job. And that negative news, is a positive thing for the media, so he won’t give the media anything negative to talk about.

"“Everybody is telling me to watch out for the New York media.”“Their not bad guys but they want to make articles that people want to read.”“So there will be some negative stuff, as soon as you play bad. There’s going to be stuff that happens but so far the media has been good with me.“"

Porzingis spoke about Carmelo Anthony being his idol growing up and inspiring his cornrows as a child in the video, nothing we did not already know from his Twitter Q & A in late October.

What was new and awesome to see, was just how ruthless Porzingis is. Porzingis said that calling people names is weak trash talking, you need to make it personal.

"“You can be more intelligent, try to get some painful spots in that guy’s life.”"

Ouch! That is rough. The man is ruthless!

But I think my favorite quote from the video is “And no, I’m not going to suck“. I know, there is no context to this but  you will just have to watch the video to find out. Enjoy.

Ride Along: Kristaps Porzingis on Getting Booed and Talking Trash

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If you like this VICE video, there has been four more featuring Anthony. For your viewing pleasure I have listed them below. Enjoy.

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