Phil Jackson Doesn’t Believe it will be Kobe Bryant’s Last Season


New York Knicks management held a press conference and one of the more interesting non-Knick news was that Phil Jackson does not believe this upcoming season will be Kobe Bryant‘s last . In fact, Jackson threw in a zinger, stating Bryant will have multiple offers when free agency comes.

Could Jackson be hinting at a reunion with his former-superstar player?

Gotta love the NBA!

Take it for what it’s worth, Jackson could just be trolling everybody.

BUT, BUT, just what if Bryant does want to continue beyond his 20th season?  Could Kobe ever become a Knick? What scenarios would have to play out for this pipe-dream to come true?

Frank Isola of the Daily News trolled and tweeted out the pie in the sky DREAM scenario.

Another possible scenario, just what if the Knicks were able to be semi respectful this upcoming season. Say .500, even though breaking even would be a tall task at this point… what if the Knicks were able to accomplish this. Maybe free agents will be more inclined to come to New York, including Bryant, if he were to be the final piece to the puzzle.

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That is not happening… the only realistic scenario is if the Los Angeles Lakers want to accelerate their rebuild and not resign Bryant. Then maybe, MAYBE, Bryant reunites with Jackson. But why? Only if Bryant really wants to chase after the goal of achieving the All-Time leader in points.

Currently Bryant is third All-Time in points scored with 32,482 points, behind Karl Malone (36,928 points) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387 points). For Bryant to even surpass Malone is a tall, TALL task…in a hypothetical scenario, even if Bryant averaged 20 points per game AND stayed healthy to play all of the whole 82 game season, it would take close to three seasons for Kobe to reach that accomplishment… It would seem this is a rather impossible task at the moment.

It is rather unlikely that Bryant can accomplish this feat. so it is rather unlikely that he would come to New York just to try to do it. Plus…we have a bonafide scorer already in Carmelo Anthony. Another reason why this scenario would not work is because the Lakers would lose way, WAY, too much goodwill with their fan base if they were to let Kobe leave to another team.

ARGHHH Fuhgeddaboudit, Kobe is never going to wear the orange and blue, let’s stop dreaming…

But just to play devil’s advocate one last time,  Bryant always modeled his career after Michael Jordan and Jordan played for another franchise. I know, we all would like to forget that Jordan played for the Washington Wizards but it happened. Maybe Bryant will do the same but most likely not with the Knicks, so NEVERMIND!

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