Tom Thibodeau hilariously blames Knicks player for viral meme video

Poor Thibs!
New York Knicks, Tom Thibodeau
New York Knicks, Tom Thibodeau / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

New York Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau knows little about the Internet. He thinks "Facegram" is a social media app. He gets points for at least combining Facebook and Instagram into what he thought was one app. The effort is what matters.

If you're on Knicks Twitter (it'll never be Knicks X), you've seen the video someone created of Thibodeau taking the stage with thousands in the crowd. It's been everywhere. It's funnier than it should be because it's Thibs. It's so unbelievable, which makes it hilarious.

On Tuesday, Thibodeau was asked about the video, and he said he thinks Mitchell Robinson is the one who created it. Robinson denied that he did so, but because he was the one to show the video to Thibs, the coach thinks the center is responsible for it.

Robinson said when he showed Thibs the video, the coach said, "That's fu---- up." It's all in good fun!

Tom Thibodeau blames Mitchell Robinson for viral meme video

So, who made the video? The person who did goes by @_TheBigSneeze on X, who first tweeted it out on April 12 and referenced the extension Thibodeau is expected to sign this summer.

Notice how the user doesn't show their face in their profile picture. Maybe it's Mitch's burner account. Just kidding (maybe).

Bailey Carlin copied the video and posted it to his X account, which is when it gained a lot of traction.

With the playoffs starting on Saturday, expect to see that video floating around on social media much more. There will surely be a ton of instances where it's applicable.

If Thibodeau thinks that video is "fu---- up," then he needs to stay far, far away from Knicks Twitter. You never know what you'll see when scrolling through your timeline. There's nothing like Knicks fans, but at this point, Thibodeau understands that.

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