Stephen A. Smith proves yet again he isn't a diehard New York Knicks fan

Does he even watch the Knicks?
New York Knicks
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Really, Stephen A. Smith? Many New York Knicks fans have been questioning you for years, but even the fans who like you must be scratching their heads right now. It's hard to defend someone who repeatedly doesn't know what they're talking about.

On 'The Stephen A. Smith Show," he praised the Knicks for beating Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks 122-109. It's normal for a fan to be excited about a big win. However, SAS slipped up not one time but two.

He said Quentin Grimes has "looked good" even though New York traded him two months ago. Grimes played in only three games for Detroit before his season was shut down because of his nagging knee injury. Maybe Stephen A. meant to say Miles McBride, who finished with eight points off the bench.

It only worsened when SAS said that Isaiah Hartenstein (not Harten-steen) is a "reserve" who has given the Knicks "activity off the bench." Hartenstein has been a full-time starter since early December when Mitchell Robinson hurt his ankle. Even now that Robinson's back, Hartenstein's still the starter. Robinson comes off the bench.

Fans question if Stephen A. Smith actually watches the Knicks after latest comments

Robinson returned on March 27. He's missed one game since then because of his ankle, but that's it. Stephen A. seems to think Robinson has been starting for the past two weeks.

This isn't the first time that SAS disrespected Hartenstein. Before the Knicks' Christmas Day game against the Bucks, Stephen A. referred to the center as "some dude named Hartenstein." Notice how Kendrick Perkins and Michael Wilbon immediately stepped in and said Hartenstein had been playing well.

Not every fan should be expected to know everything about the Knicks. Some fans occasionally watch the team and pay more attention during the playoffs. That's more than okay! However, Stephen A. not only prides himself on being a diehard New York fan, but he also has an MVP vote. Someone who doesn't actually pay attention to basketball has an MVP vote. Yikes.

Stephen A. is spread thin with several responsibilities, and everyone makes mistakes. He's made one too many, though.

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