Stephen A. Smith embarrasses himself yet again with laughable Knicks take

New York Knicks, Stephen A. Smith
New York Knicks, Stephen A. Smith / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Somehow, Stephen A. Smith's takes get wilder as the years go on. He's a New York Knicks fan, but you wouldn't know that based on how he speaks about the organization. His dislike for James Dolan makes sense. As a fan, he's allowed to critique his team. Every fan does. The issue is that when things are going well, he rarely acknowledges it.

Stephen A. isn't known for his positivity. Part of his shtick is getting angry about something and ranting about it on live television, and plenty of his rants have been directed at the Knicks.

New York's been hunting for a star to trade for since Leon Rose took over in 2020. Since the 2023-24 season began, increased attention has been placed on the Knicks' hunt. Although Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle have been playing at a high level, the conversation has been about how New York still doesn't have enough to make it over that hump.

On NBA Countdown on Wednesday ahead of the Knicks-Bulls game, the ESPN crew discussed New York's future. Per usual, SAS said something off the wall.

Stephen A. Smith claims he's a bigger star than some Knicks players

Come on, Stephen A., you're talking like the Knicks are the Pistons. Are we really going to pretend like New York hasn't put itself in a good position?

The Knicks traded for OG Anunoby on Saturday, a move that has already boded well for the team. The front office sent only a second-round pick to Toronto, along with RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley, meaning New York still has the assets to trade for a star.

If the Knicks wanted to, they could try to trade for Zach LaVine. Rather than make an impulsive move like that, this front office has proven they make calculated moves. No matter what the organization does, they get clowned. Imagine what would happen if they traded away their assets for a star who wouldn't elevate the team's ceiling.

Until New York makes its big move, Stephen A. will keep yelling. Even after the Knicks get a star (whoever that might be), he will still be yelling. That's just who he is.