Quentin Grimes' false Jalen Brunson-Knicks claim reeks of bitterness

Hopefully, Jalen Brunson got a good laugh out of this!
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Luck was on the New York Knicks' side on Monday night. With the team at risk of losing to a lowly Pistons squad, a missed call surprisingly played in the Knicks' favor. Regardless of what Quentin Grimes said after the game, officials don't often favor New York, hence why the Knicks filed a protest a couple of weeks ago.

With 10 seconds left to play, the Knicks had the ball and were down 111-110. Donte DiVincenzo was at the top of the key and attempted to pass the ball to Jalen Brunson on the wing, but Ausar Thompson intercepted it. DiVincenzo went after Thompson and collided with his lower body, which led to Brunson regaining possession of the ball. The point guard found Josh Hart down low for the and-1 with 2.8 seconds left.

Did DiVincenzo foul Thompson? Absolutely. There's no use in denying that. Once again, NBA officials missed a critical call in the final seconds of a game, but New York wasn't on the losing end this time.

The Knicks went on to win, 113-111. It was the sixth straight loss for the Pistons, who have won only eight games this season. In his postgame press conference, Monty Williams was fired up.

Williams has a point about the poor officiating this season, but that isn't why Detroit has the worst record in the league. The Pistons' issues go much deeper than that.

Quentin Grimes makes false Jalen Brunson claim after Knicks beat Pistons

The game meant a little more to Quentin Grimes, Evan Fournier, and even Malachi Flynn. Going up against a battered Knicks squad, Grimes and Fournier had the chance to steal a win from New York in their return to MSG.

Understandably, after the game, Grimes said Thompson was fouled. His frustration about the missed call makes perfect sense.

However, what doesn't make sense is that Grimes said if Brunson were the one who was fouled, a foul would've been called for the Knicks (subscription required).

Grimes was traded a few days before the Knicks' fiasco in New York, but that doesn't mean he wasn't aware it happened. It was all over social media. Brunson was whistled for a foul on Aaron Holiday that ultimately gave the Rockets a win. After the game, NBA crew chief Ed Malloy admitted that it should've been a no-call, which would've sent the game to overtime.

After Monday's game, official James Williams said that DiVincenzo should've been whistled for a loose ball foul. Once again, the officials came up short. That's who the Pistons' anger should be directed toward.

Grimes, let's not pretend that if it were Brunson who was fouled, the officials wouldn't have hesitated to call it. Officiating has been horrid across the league. Just ask Brunson!

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