Pros and cons of Knicks not trading Bojan Bogdanovic this offseason

Will Bogey be back next season?
New York Knicks, Bojan Bogdanovic
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Bojan Bogdanovic's name has flown under the radar to start the New York Knicks offseason, but it won't for too much longer. The 35-year-old spent half a season in New York after he was traded from Detroit before the deadline. His season ended earlier than expected after he underwent season-ending foot surgery in the first round of the playoffs.

The latter half of Bogdanovic's season started rusty, but things began to turn a corner at the end of the regular season. He played through a wrist injury he's since had surgery for, which could be part of why he shot 37% from three to close out the regular season. During the first half of 2023-24, he shot 41.5% from three with the Pistons.

There's a chance Knicks fans may not see Bogdanovic in orange and blue again. He has a partially guaranteed salary ($2 million out of $19 million) for 2024-25. New York will have until June 29 to decide on Bogdanovic's future. Or, as The Athletic's Fred Katz pointed out, the two sides could decide to extend the deadline (subscription required).

Will the Knicks trade Bojan Bogdanovic this summer?

When New York evaluated trade options before the 2024 deadline, receiving a player with a contract like Bogdanovic's was a priority. His salary will make a potential star trade easier for the Knicks.

If New York guarantees Bogdanovic's salary and a trade doesn't materialize, there are a few pros. For starters, he'd continue to be a shooter off the bench. He didn't get to display his full talents this past season and should be more confident and comfortable entering 2024-25.

Just because he could be back to begin next season doesn't mean he won't be traded. If the right disgruntled star emerges on the market before the 2025 deadline, Bogdanovic's matching salary would be used in the deal.

Keeping the forward on the roster may seem simple enough, but the payroll is where things get complicated. The Knicks will approach the luxury tax threshold next season, not counting Bogey's $19 million salary. If New York guarantees his salary and keeps him, that would severely limit the team's flexibility. As mentioned, he could be traded before the 2025 deadline, but assuming the right player will be available would be a gamble.

The best-case scenario for the Knicks would be a player they've been eyeing to hit the market this summer becoming available. That way, Bogdanovic's salary could be thrown into the deal without New York entering next season with his $19 million on the books.

If all the pieces fall into place, the Knicks could return in October without Bogdanovic but with another star.