Nets fans turning on Mikal Bridges is comedy gold for Knicks fan base

Poor Mikal.

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Nets fans are down so bad that they're turning on Mikal Bridges for... being honest? Yep, that's right! Bridges joined New York Knicks duo Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart on the latest episode of their podcast, 'Roommates Show.'

Hart has publicly tried to recruit Bridges to the Knicks several times since he was traded to the Nets at last year's trade deadline. He tweeted Bridges after New York took over Barclays on Jan. 23. The environment was fueled by Knicks fans, which understandably, Bridges didn't like.

On the podcast, Bridges talked about what it was like to hear his home arena erupt in cheers for the opposing team. He said it felt like the game was at MSG.

Hart said New York will always belong to the Knicks, no matter how good the Nets are. He compared it to Los Angeles, where he was a Laker to start his career. It doesn't matter what the Clippers do; LA is all about the Lakers. Hart told Bridges that the "vibes have to be tough" in Brooklyn right now.

Bridges nodded his head to what Hart said, which Nets fans didn't like seeing. Apparently, they wanted him to stand up for his team, even though Hart's statement was 100 percent true.

Mikal Bridges catches heat from Nets fans for not defending Brooklyn

For starters, Bridges isn't the Nets' franchise player. Second off, it's not as if he talked down on the organization. He stated the truth, which is that the Barclays environment is very low-energy. Was he supposed to lie and say that it's fun to see fans of opposing teams take over Brooklyn's home court?

Here's a good, rational take from a Nets fan.

Before the All-Star break, Brooklyn suffered a 50-point loss to Boston. That's deflating. It's unfortunate that the podcast episode came out the following day, giving Nets fans someone to put their anger on.

Brooklyn fans are completely glossing over the part of the episode where Bridges was asked if he ever has FOMO watching the Villanova Knicks. After the question was asked, Hart took off his sweatshirt to show off his Knicks shirt. Bridges said he doesn't have FOMO.

To clarify, Bridges didn't say he wanted to be a Knick. He didn't say the Knicks are a much better team than the Nets (which is true). He didn't say he wanted to play with his former Villanova teammates. So, why have Brooklyn fans turned on him? Because he didn't object to Hart saying that the Knicks run New York. That makes perfect sense!

The Nets are down bad. Joe Tsai and Sean Marks would never trade the forward to the Knicks, but hopefully, for Bridges' sake, he ends up on a team where he can enjoy playing basketball again.