NBA insider says expectation is that Knicks will make notable contract move

The Knicks need this contract if they trade for a star.
New York Knicks
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One of the first orders of business for the New York Knicks' 2024 offseason will be deciding on Bojan Bogdanovic's partially guaranteed contract. New York traded for Bogdanovic (and Alec Burks) before the February deadline, not just because the forward provides shooting off the bench.

If his contract is guaranteed, Bogdanovic will make $19 million in 2024-25. The significance of that number is it'll help match salary in a star trade, whether that'll come this summer or before the 2025 deadline.

Bogdanovic will be an unrestricted free agent next summer, but there's a 99.9% chance he won't be in New York when that time comes. Rather than let him walk for $2 million this offseason, HoopsHype's Michael Scotto reported the Knicks are expected to guarantee his salary.

"The expectation as of now is the Knicks will guarantee Bojan Bogdanovic’s salary for the upcoming season, and he’ll become a trade candidate in the final year of his contract as a result."

Michael Scotto, HoopsHype

Scotto says Knicks are expected to guarantee Bogdanovic's contract

A few weeks ago, The Athletic's Fred Katz reported that the front office is targeting this summer as the time to make a trade. Before doing so, they want to ensure the player will fit into Tom Thibodeau's system. The Knicks aren't going to jump on any player who might become available (like Donovan Mitchell).

Bogdanovic's salary will be key in making a trade happen. If New York didn't guarantee it, the front office would be without a mid-size contract. The Knicks wanted a player with a contract like Bogdanovic's before the deadline, and they got it.

It's still unknown what players will hit the trade market this summer. If Mitchell declines to sign an extension with the Cavaliers and they listen to offers for him, the Knicks won't be as interested as they were two years ago. Scotto even said the Mitchell ship to New York "has sailed."

Karl-Anthony Towns has been linked to the Knicks for years because he's a CAA client and has a relationship with Leon Rose. The Timberwolves are coming off a run to the Western Conference Finals but could listen to offers for KAT. The four-year, $221 million extension he signed will kick in next season. Minnesota could try to offload his contract to avoid the luxury tax.

Knicks fans have their opinions about whether the team should trade for Town. Maybe an unexpected player will hit the market, one who would elevate New York's ceiling far more than KAT could.

Preparing for whatever happens by guaranteeing Bogdanovic's contract is the right move.