Knicks' Sixth Man successfully gets back at Joel Embiid for his dirty play

Knicks fans showed out!
New York Knicks, Philadelphia Sixers, Joel Embiid
New York Knicks, Philadelphia Sixers, Joel Embiid / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

New York Knicks fans let their anger simmer for two days after Game 3's loss. Mitchell Robinson didn't play in the second half because he re-sprained the same ankle he had surgery on in December. Joel Embiid put up 50 points after he should've been ejected in the first quarter. It was a lot to process.

Surely, many of the same Knicks fans at Wells Fargo Center for Game 4 were there for Game 3. Maybe Embiid's antics swayed more fans to show up in support of New York on Sunday. It sure sounded that way.

Jalen Brunson poured in a Knicks playoff franchise-high 47 points, and fans celebrated his play with MVP chants. Sixers fans tried to drown them out with boos, but their efforts didn't work.

After New York's 97-92 win, fans assembled outside the arena to celebrate. Knicks fans took over in what's supposed to be a hostile environment. Joel Embiid was asked about the New York fanbase, and he said it "pissed" him off and that he's never seen opposing fans take over an arena like that.

Joel Embiid disappointed that Knicks fans took over Wells Fargo Center

The trip from NYC to Philadelphia is short, but you didn't see Sixers fans take over MSG in Games 1 and 2. The Knicks took notice of it. In his postgame interview, Brunson gave the fanbase a well-deserved shoutout.

There will probably be fewer Philly fans at Game 5 than in the first two games. Why would they want to see the Sixers potentially lose the series? Also, watching a game at MSG is far more expensive than at Wells Fargo Center, which should've motivated more Sixers fans to show up in Philly.

If Embiid was disappointed in Sixers fans for not packing out the stands, he better prepare for Game 5. He's made a lot of enemies since the series left New York. Knicks fans will be absolutely relentless.

New York is one game away from getting the last laugh. Although the series is tilted in the Knicks' favor, the team needs the MSG crowd to be the loudest it's been. Knowing the fanbase, they'll deliver.