Knicks legend reveals what it'd take for him to return to Madison Square Garden

The likelihood of this happening is slim.
New York Knicks, James Dolan
New York Knicks, James Dolan / Elsa/GettyImages

Legends Row has been full of former New York Knicks greats during the team's playoff run. Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Carmelo Anthony, and Stephon Marbury are just a few legends who have watched the Knicks this postseason.

Fans would love to see former players like Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith return, especially with the chatter on X (Twitter).

One player who refuses to step foot in Madison Square Garden, at least for the time being, is Charles Oakley. The former Knick has an ongoing lawsuit against MSG and James Dolan over a 2017 incident that resulted in Oakley's ejection from The Garden.

Oakley was initially banned from MSG for a year, although it was lifted a few days later. Adam Silver and Michael Jordan reached out to speak to Dolan about his dispute with Oakley.

Since then, the former All-Star hasn't returned to the arena he once dominated.

Charles Oakley says he's been invited back to MSG for Knicks' playoff run

In an interview with The Associated Press, Oakley said one of MSG's lawyers contacted his lawyer about returning for a game.

"I guess their lawyer called my lawyer saying it’s a good time for you to come back to the Garden,” Oakley told The Associated Press on Friday."

Charles Oakley, via AP

However, the only way Oakley will consider stepping foot back in MSG is if he receives an apology from Dolan.

"They’ve got to apologize,” he said. “We’ll go from there. Can (Dolan) be man enough to say, mistakes happen. And he made one."

Charles Oakley, via AP

So, will Dolan apologize to Oakley? Considering his history, it doesn't seem likely. Maybe Dolan will put their differences aside for the sake of the Knicks. With New York losing Game 3, the 2-1 series will return to MSG for Game 5 on Tuesday. Depending on how the rest of the games shake out, there could be a Game 7 in New York on May 19.

Even with the ongoing Dolan drama, Oakley hasn't stopped rooting for the Knicks. He called out Joel Embiid for his dirty antics in the first round. He's still a fan.

"I don't want to get in their way, they're playing great," Oakley said. "I'm going to cheer at the guys to do well. I'm not mad at nobody on the floor."

Charles Oakley, via AP

It's worth mentioning that Oakley's no stranger to controversy, as he recently said Jalen Brunson is "way more" of a leader than Patrick Ewing. While that comment wasn't necessary, it'd still be nice to see Oakley and Dolan make amends, but fans might have a better shot at winning the lottery before they see the former Knick back at MSG.