Knicks' Josh Hart shares most accurate description of Pacers' biggest pest

Josh really has a way with words.
New York Knicks, Josh Hart
New York Knicks, Josh Hart / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The New York Knicks are gearing up for what should be a thrilling second-round series against the Pacers. After beating Philadelphia in six games, New York had three full days off, desperately needed after players like Josh Hart averaged 46 minutes per game in round one.

Hart can do a little bit of everything. He came up clutch with a huge Game 6 three-pointer with less than 30 seconds left to play. He comes out of nowhere to secure rebounds. He might complain about playing 40+ minutes per game, but he does it better than anyone else.

Indiana has a do-it-all player like Hart. T.J. McConnell is coming off the best regular season of his career. The 32-year-old guard averaged a career-high 10.2 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 1.0 steals per game, shooting 55.6% from the field and 40.9% from three.

In Indiana's Game 6 series-clinching win over Milwaukee, McConnell scored a playoff career-high 20 points, nine assists (another playoff career-best), and four steals.

McConnell and Hart share many similarities, but Hart specified the ways in which he's different from the Pacers guard.

Knicks' Josh Hart calls T.J. McConnell an "annoying like sh**"

Hart summed up McConnell perfectly (subscription required). He called him an "annoying like sh** who runs around, picks up 94 feet."

If you asked Jalen Brunson, that's probably how he'd describe Hart. When Brunson was asked what Hart brings to the starting lineup in January, he said cardio. It turns out that having a cardio player is helpful, especially in the postseason.

New York had the upper hand over Philadelphia because the Sixers don't have a player like Hart (sorry, Kyle Lowry), but Indiana does. McConnell is a vital part of the Pacers' depth, something the Knicks lack. Obi Toppin, a player with which Knicks fans are very familiar, scored 21 points and eight rebounds off the bench in Game 6.

McConnell is the kind of player that Tom Thibodeau would love to coach. He goes hard on both ends of the floor. He never gives up on a play.

Even though Indiana has a deeper bench than New York, Thibodeau has every Knicks player ready for a fight. Even Precious Achiuwa, who didn't play in Games 5 and 6 of the first-round series, gives more than 110 percent. It won't be easy, but New York can combat Indiana, and its "annoying little sh**."