Knicks' Josh Hart tells hilarious Villanova story involving Jay Wright

New York Knicks, Villanova Wildcats, Josh Hart
New York Knicks, Villanova Wildcats, Josh Hart / Elsa/GettyImages

There's only one Josh Hart out there in the world, and luckily, he plays for the New York Knicks. His play to end 2022-23 led to a four-year extension from New York. Off the court (and sometimes even on it), he's always there to provide a good laugh.

In an interview with New York Post's Stefan Bondy, Hart talked about his pregame ritual, which dates back to his Villanova days with Jay Wright. The Knick is big on Mike and Ike's before games, so much so that as a Wildcat, he hid the candy in his parka so Wright wouldn't get onto him.

"I’d dump a box of Mike & Ike in my parka. Because if they ever saw me with it, they’d make me throw it out,” Hart said in an interview with The Post. “So I had to sneak it and hide it. Like I was like a little fat kid."

Josh Hart, New York Post

What a classic Josh Hart move. It took a bit of improvisation, but he found a way to eat his beloved Mike & Ike's. Now that he's in the NBA, Hart no longer has to hide the candy in his pockets but instead has added another pregame snack to the list, popcorn.

Josh Hart is seriously committed to his Mike & Ike pregame ritual

Josh Hart was a little too committed to his Mike & Ike pregame ritual during the 2020 NBA Bubble when he was with the Pelicans.

"It was an exhibition, a ramp-up game, and I wasn’t playing,” Hart said. “So I was on the sideline. And I started eating Mike & Ike’s. And I ripped the crown out. So I was screwed. For like the duration of the bubble, I had an open tooth."

Josh Hart, New York Post

Hart told Stefan Bondy that he placed an Uber Eats order for Mike & Ike's before New York's game against Utah on Wednesday. He added Air Heads to his cart for fun. In retrospect, maybe Hart shouldn't eat Air Heads again before a game, considering he finished with zero points in 29 minutes during the Knicks' loss to the Jazz. Mike & Ike's only, please.

Not many things in life are certain, but Josh Hart eating Mike & Ike's pregame is. Sorry, Jay Wright.