Knicks' Josh Hart hilariously replies to Jose Alvarado's prize money wish

New York Knicks, Josh Hart, New Orleans Pelicans, Jose Alvarado
New York Knicks, Josh Hart, New Orleans Pelicans, Jose Alvarado / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The New York Knicks ruined their chance to win $500,000 when they lost to Milwaukee on Tuesday in the In-Season Tournament quarterfinals. The Bucks, Pacers, Lakers, and Pelicans will start semifinal play in Las Vegas on Thursday.

New York players were vocal about what they'd do if they won half a million dollars. Josh Hart said he'd spend it on a new watch and even showed Julius Randle the watch he's been eyeing.

Because the Knicks made it to the quarterfinals, each player will still get $50,000. That's a good chunk of change, but only 10% of what the IST winners will receive.

Jose Alvarado, who's from NYC, has already said what he'll do with his $500,000 if New Orleans wins the championship. Rather than keep it for himself, he plans to put the money away for his three daughters.

"I will not touch the money,” Alvarado told Andscape. “My financial team will act like I never made it. It’s not for me. It’s not in my hands. I’m living my life. They got to live their lives and I don’t want them to struggle at all. This is the first time I’m telling everybody. I just know what I want to do."

Jose Alvarado, Andscape

Josh Hart responds to Jose Alvarado's plan if Pelicans win In-Season Tournament

As Andscape's Marc Spears noted, Jose Alvarado is making $1.8 million this season, so the half a million dollars is a big deal to him. While the natural reaction to Alvarado's plan for his prize money should be admiration, Josh Hart took a different route.

Hart is rarely ever serious. Per usual, he's enjoying himself on social media by poking fun at one of his former teammates.

During the first half of Alvarado's rookie season in 2021-22, Hart was in New Orleans before he was traded to Portland. Even though Alvarado didn't spend a full year with Hart, he has to be well accustomed to his antics. That's what makes Hart so likable.

Although some people in the comments didn't understand that Josh Hart was joking around, it should be noted that he's a new father of two sons, so he gets it. Jose Alvarado probably got a good laugh out of it (as did many others), and that's what matters.