Josh Hart-Mikal Bridges exchange has Knicks fans still hoping for unlikely trade

You know Josh is going to keep trying!
New York Knicks, Villanova Wildcats
New York Knicks, Villanova Wildcats / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Since Josh Hart was traded to the New York Knicks, he's walked the tampering line. Hart's tried to sway Mikal Bridges to the Knicks, although Bridges has no say. The Nets have the final say, as Bridges is signed through the 2025-26 season.

Because Brooklyn will finish 2023-24 out of Play-In Tournament range, the Bridges trade speculation has already started. Although it'd take a cold day in hell for a deal to happen, some Knicks fans still hope Bridges will join his Villanova teammates at MSG. Hart is doing the same.

Hart and Bridges got together for a Chipotle commercial. The two did a lie detector test, and Hart asked Bridges, "Would you ever want me as a teammate again?" Bridges smiled and said, "Yes."

Nets fans aren't going to like that. They already got mad at Bridges for not taking up for the team when he was a guest on the "Roommates Show" with Hart and Jalen Brunson. It's not enough that he stood at halfcourt (subscription required) on Wednesday before Brooklyn's final home regular season game and said:

"We appreciate you guys coming out this year,” said Bridges, who has two years left on his four-year, $91 million deal. “I know it’s been a tough year, but we appreciate you guys hanging on with us. We’ll be back next year."

Mikal Bridges, via NYDN

Mikal Bridges says he wants to be Josh Hart's teammate again one day

In 2016, Bridges and Hart won a championship together at Villanova. Last season, the two played together for the United States at the FIBA World Cup. Who knows if the two will get to play together in the NBA?

Was Bridges supposed to say he didn't want to play with Hart again? If you were asked if you wanted to play with one of your friends at the highest level, wouldn't you say yes? Because he plays for the Nets and went to Villanova, Bridges' response will be overanalyzed. It already has been!

It wouldn't be shocking if Brooklyn listened to trade offers for Bridges this summer. Or, if Donovan Mitchell hits the trade market, the Nets could try to go all-in for the star guard. Brooklyn has a few different paths it could take. If Bridges is on the move, don't expect it to be to the Knicks. The Nets would give Bridges away for free rather than trade him to their most hated rival.

Maybe one day, Bridges' wish will come true.