Jalen Brunson reveals the hilarious secret behind Knicks' elite chemistry

Jalen's always going to be honest.
New York Knicks
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When you think the New York Knicks are down, they pull themselves back up. Julius Randle is officially done for the season, but OG Anunoby is back. You lose some, you win some.

When Mitchell Robinson went down in December, Isaiah Hartenstein stepped up. When Randle and Anunoby got hurt in January, Josh Hart and Precious Achiuwa stepped up. The next man-up mentality and selflessness have served New York well.

On Sunday, the Knicks marched into Milwaukee, leaving with a 122-109 win. Jalen Brunson finished with a game-high 43 points, the ninth time this season he's scored 40+. Donte DiVincenzo shot 8-of-11 from three for 26 points. Hartenstein had 18 points and 10 rebounds. Hart nearly posted another triple-double with nine points, seven rebounds, and seven assists.

The win was a team effort, which is nothing new for a squad that's spent much of the season shorthanded. The Villanova chemistry is part of that, but Brunson revealed why the Knicks' chemistry is as good as it is.

Jalen Brunson's explanation for great Knicks chemistry checks out

If you've ever watched 10 seconds of Brunson and Hart's 'Roommates Show' podcast, you know what Brunson is talking about. If you've ever heard Brunson talk about Hart (and vice versa), you know what he's talking about. If you've ever heard Hart tell Brunson he has a big head (and you indeed have), you know what he's talking about.

Don't let Brunson fool you, though. Remember his reaction when the Knicks traded for Hart before the 2023 deadline? Like he said, they low-key hate each other but also like one another.

The chemistry that the Knicks have is something the Bucks lack. Having two superstars doesn't always do the trick. Don't act surprised if New York makes it further than Milwaukee in the playoffs.

After all, legend says the Knicks will make it to the NBA Finals on the power of friendship alone.

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