Jalen Brunson reveals hilarious reason behind Josh Hart's Knicks ejection last year

Josh Hart is one of a kind.

New York Knicks, Josh Hart
New York Knicks, Josh Hart / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Jalen Brunson-Josh Hart duo is one of many joys the New York Knicks have given fans this season. Brunson pretends he doesn't like Hart, but they've been close friends since their Villanova days. Remember how Brunson reacted when the Knicks traded for Hart last year? That said it all.

They recently started a podcast together, "Roommates Show." The first few episodes have been a hit. While fans wait for Thursday's episode to be released, they have gotten to enjoy a new episode of First We Feast's Hot Ones Versus with Brunson and Hart. The 14-minute episode is full of hilarious moments, namely when Brunson and Hart participate in a diss battle at the end.

Unsurprisingly, Hart immediately referenced Brunson's big head. Brunson called Hart out for shooting 0-for-6. Hart said Becky Hammon was right about Brunson, meaning he's too small to be a 1A player. Brunson had no choice but to bring up when Hart got ejected last year, but before he could get through it, Hart burst out laughing.

Jalen Brunson reveals reason why Josh Hart was ejected last year

After Brunson was declared the winner of the battle (because Hart laughed first), he told the story of Hart's ejection.

"He got mad he didn't get a call. He probably said something foul like he usually does and he got a tech. He proceeded to say, 'That's why you're not doing any f-n playoff games this year.' He proceeded to get ejected and thrown out."

Jalen Brunson, via Hot Ones Versus

Brunson said he didn't want to say anything about officiating because he didn't want to get fined, to which Hart replied, "You can't get fined for the truth."

What game was Brunson talking about? Last April against the Pacers, Hart was ejected late in the fourth quarter. Hart thought Bennedict Mathurin fouled him, so he argued with the ref. He got a technical for doing so, which is when he called the referee out for not doing any playoff games.

Never change, Josh.

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