Bleacher Report's mock Knicks trade proposal is beyond comprehension

Make it stop.
New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets
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The New York Knicks keep getting scammed in mock trades. They have the assets to make a big-time move; therefore, why wouldn't they give up everything for a role player? Hopefully, you can detect sarcasm.

One too many mock trades have floated around that have New York losing Julius Randle for a player who isn't at his level. Randle is due for an extension this offseason, as he could be an unrestricted free agent next summer. Because of his situation, some assume he'll be on the way out.

These Knicks aren't your father's Knicks. Leon Rose has proven himself several times since he joined the organization as president in 2020. He and the front office have been patient in their search for another star, hence why it's the 2024 offseason, and they still haven't made their long-awaited move.

Mikal Bridges is a player who has already popped up in mock trades a million times since New York was eliminated in the second round. No matter how often it's reported that the Nets want to keep Bridges, the trade proposals keep coming in. The Villanova connection is too strong for some to ignore.

In one of Bleacher Report's latest Knicks trade ideas, New York traded for Bridges (shocker!).

Knicks would be foolish to do Bleacher Report Mikal Bridges trade idea

Here's the proposed deal:

B/R Bridges trade

You're not alone if you're still trying to comprehend what the Knicks would give up for Bridges. That'd be a haul for Brooklyn, even though there are people out there who'd argue New York should give up more.

Not only would the Knicks lose Miles McBride and Mitchell Robinson, but they'd also part with four first-round picks and two second-round picks. Remember, this is for a player who hasn't even been named an All-Star. He did make the NBA All-Defensive First Team in 2022. It doesn't matter how much New York's front office could want to trade for Bridges; that's too steep.

At least in this proposal, the Knicks didn't give up Randle in exchange for Bridges, as if that's a move that'd make sense. Just because New York already has three former Villanova stars on its roster, people assume the front office should be willing to give up the farm for Bridges. He'd be a good role player with the Knicks, but that's it.

It'd take a lot of luck for New York to get Bridges. Even if Brooklyn were open to trading him, the Nets would demand the Knicks give them everything they have and then some (like Madison Square Garden).