Certified Knicks hater Richard Jefferson advocates for a Donovan Mitchell trade

The New York Knicks could be making their biggest move of the offseason in the next few weeks by trading for All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell. The Utah Jazz are reportedly hoping to get more for Mitchell than they did for Rudy Gobert, so it’ll be interesting to see what New York decides to do.

The last time that the Knicks traded for a star was back in February of 2011 when a deal was done with the Denver Nuggets for Carmelo Anthony. Here we are 11 years later, and there’s a possibility that New York will add Donovan and Melo to the roster before the offseason comes to an end.

There are some who are against the Knicks trading for Mitchell, but there are also those who believe that it’s the move that the front office should make. The reality is that if New York brings Mitchell in, other stars would be inclined to see what playing in NYC is all about.

Richard Jefferson, whose name makes Knicks fans roll their eyes, thinks that the organization should do what it can to bring Mitchell to New York. And hey, believe it or not, he actually has a point.

Richard Jefferson thinks that the Knicks should trade for Donovan Mitchell

Jefferson was a guest on the ‘Bad Weather Fans’ podcast with Mike and Alex. He said that as things currently stand, big-name players aren’t going to make their way to New York to play with RJ Barrett, but as we all know, that could change as Barrett continues to work his way to his first All-Star appearance.

In true Richard Jefferson fashion, he said that Knicks fans get “a bit delusional” about not wanting “to give up everything” for Mitchell when in reality, all that the team has in terms of a true asset is Barrett.

At 22, Barrett has limitless potential and took a huge leap in the second half of the 2021-22 season. New York’s reportedly not interested in including him in a deal, and as Jefferson mentioned, the Jazz shouldn’t be interested in trading for him since he’s due for a huge payday. However, there have been reports suggesting that Utah’s considered a Barrett extension, but the truth is that Barrett wouldn’t fit the team’s rebuild timeline.

Barrett’s key to the Knicks’ future, but trading for Mitchell would propel the organization to the next level. Jefferson thinks so, too. He said: “If you have the chance to get Donovan Mitchell, you get Donovan Mitchell.” Jefferson mentioned that it might mean that New York has to give up every pick that it has, but to him, it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up.

There are plenty of you out there who are reading this that agree with Jefferson, which might be an odd feeling, but he’s right.

It’s a good sign that the Knicks didn’t cave to Danny Ainge’s initial demands, but the front office should do what it can to make a trade happen before the start of the 2022-23 season. Come on, listen to… Richard Jefferson.