Knicks point guard Jalen Brunson highlights major flaw on Twitter

We’re interrupting your desire to get good news about Donovan Mitchell and the New York Knicks with a major announcement — Jalen Brunson isn’t who you think he is. Perhaps you should rethink being so excited about the Knicks having a true point guard for the first time in two decades.

Brunson spent some time on Twitter on Thursday evening answering some questions from fans. The final question that he answered was an inquiry about whether he calls himself a Jets or Giants fan. The user who asked the question was clearly hoping that Brunson would say the Jets, but the point guard didn’t name either team.

Instead, Brunson gave an answer that especially Knicks fans that root for the Giants weren’t hoping to see.

Jalen Brunson disappoints Knicks fans with reminder that he cheers for the Eagles

Brunson was raised in southern New Jersey, which is about an hour away from Philadelphia, so it isn’t odd that he cheers for the Eagles. Villanova, where he won two national championships, is also right outside of Philadelphia.

Brunson may be with the Knicks now, but he isn’t going to cheer for the Jets and he especially isn’t going to root for the Giants, one of the Eagles’ division rivals. Brunson’s used to being behind enemy lines after spending four seasons in Dallas, home of the Cowboys.

He’s probably happy that he’s back on the East Coast and much closer to Philadelphia, where he can easily travel to and catch a couple of Eagles games if his schedule allows it. Before starting the 2021-22 season with the Mavericks, Brunson made a trip to Lincoln Financial Field.

Knicks/Giants fans are going to get to have a lot of fun with Brunson, especially on Dec. 11 when the Eagles travel to MetLife Stadium. Brunson will likely be occupied with his career that day, but he’s going to be cheering hard for the Birds.

The Jets are going to play the Eagles as well, but in a preseason matchup that’s set to take place on Aug. 12 in Philadelphia.

Brunson may not be a fan of New York sports, as he also revealed that he attended the first game of the Subway Series between the Mets-Yankees because he wanted to see Anthony Rizzo play since he’s a Cubs fan, but all that matters is that he’s on the Knicks.

If Brunson can lead New York back to the playoffs in 2023, fans may forgive him for his poor choice in fandoms.