Why Carmelo Anthony’s best legacy move is a reunion with Knicks in free agency

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Bleacher Report recently published an article addressing rumors that a potential Carmelo Anthony/New York Knicks reunion could be in the works.

Despite being 38 years old, and becoming an afterthought on an underperforming Lakers team last season, Anthony still holds value as a free agent.

Does former Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony still have value?

After suffering a brief hiatus from the league when he was waived by the Houston Rockets, the former NBA superstar reinvented himself and his game during a two-year stint with the Portland Trail Blazers. During that span, he averaged 14.4 points and 4.7 rebounds on 43% shooting from the field.

Despite playing a role in a disastrous Lakers club, the veteran still posted a respectable 13.3 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 44% shooting. The difference in team success should not counteract the point that the 19-year pro is showing little statistical signs of slowing down. I wrote last year about why a reunion made sense for both sides. Thankfully, Melo’s consistent play has left the door open.

Anthony’s ability to hit jumpers in a post-up setting while also stretching the floor (38% from three last season) still makes him a dangerous offensive weapon. Need proof his scoring chops haven’t eroded? Here’s some recent evidence.

Need more? Here’s Melo cooking against the eventual champion.

His combination of scoring ability, combined with his veteran leadership, will surely land Anthony another short-term deal. I expect him to be considering options in free agency.

This leaves Melo with a big decision. Would he be best served by joining another contender with hopes of capturing the elusive NBA championship? Or should he consider a reunion with New York?

While many most likely believe the former is the wiser option, I firmly believe that Anthony’s best path toward improving his NBA legacy during the twilight of his career is by rejoining the Knicks.

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