Should the NY Knicks make a trade for Cam Reddish?

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NY Knicks, Cam Reddish

NY Knicks, Cam Reddish (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Entering the new season, there was a ton of optimism amongst the fanbase and organization that the NY Knicks were inching closer toward becoming true title contenders.

Just 31 games into the season and the team’s performance has let some air out of those sails.

With a record of 14-17 which is good for just 12th in the East, the Knicks’ front office is at a bit of a crossroads.

We all thought the biggest hurdle the team had to get over was the benching of Kemba Walker, but since being removed from the rotation, the team has lost a total of now 7 players due to Covid-19 protocols now that Nerlens went down today with the illness.

Kemba has started due to necessity for the last 2 games and has played well but the situation as a whole begs the question; Where do the Knicks go from here?

Should the NY Knicks trade for Cam Reddish?

Sure, the team could make a couple of big trades in an attempt to turn things around for this season but what does that really do for their future?

We all thought the team was going to be able to contend fairly well and remain a lower-seeded playoff team until the time was right for them to pounce on a huge free agent signing or blockbuster trade target.

But now, with the team struggling the way it has, it’s going to make the Knicks a much less appealing and desirable destination for some of the NBA’s elite.

In my opinion, I think the front office might finally consider last season to be a bit of a fluke and count their losses soon.

This team was meant to rebuild the long and slow way.

That’s why I believe the Knicks could kick the tires on the idea of trading for RJ’s buddy, Cam Reddish.

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report and Shams Charania of The Athletic have both recently touched on the young Hawks’ availability.

The Hawks have been searching around the league for a first-round pick in return for swingman Cam Reddish, sources said, as Atlanta faces a logjam at the wing. De’Andre Hunter will be eligible for a contract extension this offseason, but some rival executives believe the Hawks would entertain calls on Hunter for packages that would return an established impact veteran—something to keep in mind if Boston were to ever truly explore moving Jaylen Brown, an Atlanta native.

Here I’ll break down a hypothetical trade scenario and why I believe each team considers the deal.

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