Knicks Rumors: Kevin Knox acknowledges that he could be traded

We already know my stance on whether or not the Knicks should trade Kevin Knox or not, but there’s also a laundry list of reasons why I’m not a GM of a team…yet.

I’m not saying the kid can’t turn it around and be a serviceable player one day, because if you take a look at what he was able to do against Washington on Saturday, clearly there’s some talent there.

Knox played 20 minutes and shot 4 of 6 from deep, finishing the game with 12 points, 1 assist, and 6 rebounds.

A solid game to say the least.

Unfortunately, the bulk of those minutes and opportunities only came about because Julius Randle missed that game due to personal reasons (Another baby Randle, perhaps?).

For Kevin Knox to realize his full potential, he’d have to go to a team where he’s guaranteed a spot in the rotation or at the very least, has the ability to compete for a spot.

Do you think the Knicks should trade Kevin Knox?

The Knicks are going to have enough trouble finding Obi Toppin minutes behind Julius Randle this year, they’re not going to waste time trying to find Knox minutes here and there.

And frankly, even if say…Alec Burks was forced to miss time or maybe he’s bumped up into the starting lineup because RJ or Evan Fournier are injured, I’d personally rather see rookie Quentin Grimes get those minutes for his superior 3-point shooting and defense or Dwayne Bacon just because he’s a better scorer overall.

But what do I know?

I’ve written extensively about the Knicks trading Knox in the past, so him acknowledging that it’s a possibility is not a shocker to me.

When speaking with the NY Post, Knox said:

“Right now, no one has really solidified minutes, solidified starters and bench players. So it’s going into camp, going into the season with the right mindset that I really want to play this year. So I’m going to have to figure out a way to stay on the court and get minutes. So I’m really not worried about the trades and everything else. I’m just worried about getting in the rotation and being on the court.’’

He’s definitely saying all the right things…things we the fans as well as the coaching staff want to hear.

If anyone recalls, Knox showed off a sweet stroke from deep during the preseason last year as well, but when it came down to keeping his spot in the team’s rotation during the regular season, his lack of defense and motor was to his own detriment.

Perhaps things have changed and he can find continued success in the games that count, but it looks like the 10-man rotation is pretty much set in stone.

So as much as I’d like to see the best version of Kevin Knox this season, it would still be difficult for Thibs to find him playing time on the court.

If you’re a true Knicks fan, you just want the best for the team and that means if you have an asset that would have more value somewhere else than on your own team, you make a deal.

If you’re a Kevin Knox fan, of course, you want to see him succeed but it’ll be tough sledding to do so while on this Knicks roster.

I think the choice is pretty obvious but what say you, Knicks fam?