NY Knicks: Reacting to ‘3 trade targets NY should consider’ article

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NY Knicks, Terrence Ross, Eric Gordon, Thaddeus Young

NY Knicks, Terrence Ross, Eric Gordon, Thaddeus Young (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

As we know news has been slow for the NY Knicks over the past month or so, but now that should be all behind us with Training Camp getting underway.

But before the site gets heavily invested in news out of training camp, why not toss out one more trade reaction article?

I’ve been absolutely cooking off of NBA Analysis Network’s trade articles as of late, and while some may disagree with me pretty heavily in saying that the trades I make up make a lot of sense, these pieces by NBA Analysis Netowork haven’t been putting a lot of consideration into the current Knicks’ roster construction.

For example, one article earlier this month had the Knicks trading for Justin Holiday.

I like Justin Holiday and I think a reunion on the Knicks would be a lot of fun, but there are just too many reasons as to why the Pacers wouldn’t trade him for the package in that article.

Would you consider any of these trade targets for the NY Knicks?

Additionally, his fit with the Knicks’ current roster just wouldn’t work unless there was a substantial injury to any of the current shooting guards or small forwards on the team.

We know Thibs utilizes a strict, 10-man rotation, and if Holiday were brought on board, he’d be taking the place of either Alec Burks or Immanuel Quickley.

I’m certain we can all agree that that wouldn’t make any sense to do.

The same can be said for their trade piece involving Malik Beasley…because yes, of course, he would be a great addition to the team simply due to him being a great player.

But the Knicks are currently establishing a very solid culture of professionalism and winning and bringing in a guy like Beasley with a bit of a behavioral track record could really disrupt the team locker room.

That’s regardless of the fact that he’s got no business on the team anyway fit-wise as well.
In conclusion, I’ll be upfront in saying we have a lot of the same going on in this article but I’m happy to explain exactly why these players wouldn’t make a stitch of sense for the Knicks.

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