NY Knicks: Reacting to a proposed Malik Beasley to NY trade

When I find hypothetical trades online between the NY Knicks and any other team, I just have to give my reaction. It’s my civil duty as the self-proclaimed, internet GM of the Knicks.

Fortunately, a lot of the guys over at NBA Analysis Network like writing about potential trades involving New York.

The one we’ll be discussing today is centered around a trade where Malik Beasley is shipped off to the Knicks.

Here’s the trade:

Knicks Get
Malik Beasley
Timberwolves Get
Alec Burks
Kevin Knox
CHA 2022 1st Rd Pick

Now look, I’m no stranger to wacky trades like this, in fact, I wrote an article before the March 25th trade deadline where the Knicks traded for Malik Beasley myself.

Would you consider a Malik Beasley to NY Knicks trade?

My logic was that because Minnesota was awful last year and Beasley was serving a suspension for a gun-related incident, the Knicks could swoop in and snatch him up for the low.

Last season, the Knicks desperately needed scorers and Beasley fits that description.

In the 37 games, he was able to play last season, Beasley averaged 19.6 points while shooting 40% from deep on just under 9 attempts per game, playing 33 minutes a night.

He’s also on a very team-friendly contract where he’s making $15 million per season on average over the next 3 years.

On the other end of the deal, the Timberwolves would be getting a great scorer and playmaker that can either start or come off the bench in Alec Burks, Kevin Knox who could possibly find a way into Minnesota’s rotation, along with Charlotte’s 1st round pick this upcoming year.

So why do both teams say no to the trade?

I’ll start off with why the Knicks don’t do it being that I’m a Knicks fan and I don’t really like this trade whatsoever.

Firstly, it’s pretty obvious that the Knicks are putting a premium on chemistry and continuity considering they made it a priority to bring back 3 of their 5 major impending free agents.

The front office is certainly not signing those guys to multi-year contracts just to turn around and move them shortly after unless it’s in a deal for a serious game-changer like Bradley Beal, Damian Lillard, or someone of that caliber.

Second, the same thing goes for that 1st round pick from Charlotte.

They didn’t make that draft-night trade with The Hornets to use that pick in a trade for Malik Freakin’ Beasley…

The Knicks are setting themselves up to make one huge trade at some point in the near future and they need as much draft capital as possible to make that a reality.

And third, the Knicks just are no longer in need of someone like Malik Beasley. They actually have scorers now.

Beasley wanted out of Denver in the first place to get more minutes and a bigger role on another team, and rightfully so.

The Knicks just invested a ton of money into Evan Fournier so they’re not relegating him to a full-time bench role to make room for Beasley.

Nor would Malik be happy coming off the bench either. It’s a total lost cause.

Also, his fit on the Knicks’ bench would be weird too because he’s truly a Shooting Guard, as is Burks, but at least Burks has the size to be able to guard opposing Small Forwards on the opposing team’s bench being that he’s 6-foot-6.

Beasley is 6’4 if we’re being generous, so defensively, it would be an issue figuring out who each of the Knicks’ bench guards would be going up against on a nightly basis.

As far as Minnesota, I don’t see how this trade makes them any better.

Unless KAT asks out, they should be doing everything to try and acquire more star power in an attempt to keep Towns happy.

If anything, they should be looking to find a way to put together a package of Beasley and other assets to trade for another star to play next to DLo and KAT this season.

This deal doesn’t help them whatsoever.

If KAT wanted out of Minny then sure, the deal makes a stitch of sense for them.

But if not, no dice.

Verdict – Nah, fam