NY Knicks: Reacting to ‘NYK Must Resist John Wall Trade’ article

I hate to have to rip apart family, but this article from another FanSided site was clearly not written by a true NY Knicks fan.

The article was written about a week ago discussing why the author believed the Knicks should resist the ‘urge’ to trade for John Wall.

The article is relatively short, so I’ll highlight some of the key talking points here for you all to read before I speak my mind on it.

With the 2021-22 NBA season quickly approaching, Houston Rockets point guard John Wall is set to be on the move. Both sides have agreed to work together to find a trade destination for Wall and one of the teams that does not need to make a move for him is the New York Knicks.

In August, the Knicks signed Kemba Walker to a two-year, $18 million deal. Walker makes his return home to New York and will provide the veteran leadership and skill at the point guard position to hopefully push the Knicks past the first round of the playoffs.

Wall shouldn’t be on the minds of New York’s front office, while it would still be a total Knicks move to try to acquire him.

For starters, Wall only played 40 games with the Rockets last season and ruptured his Achilles a couple of seasons ago. There’s still two years, $92 million remaining on his current contract. It’s a lot to take on and is for the best that the Knicks signed Walker last month, or else the trade for Wall would be a lot more likely.

Nobody thought that the Knicks would actually make it to the playoffs last season. They’re big on maintaining their shock factor and typically it’s not the good kind of shock. And New York’s front office is known for its questionable decisions.

Don’t do it.

Ok, so where do I even begin…

Reacting to Why NY Knicks should resist trading for John Wall article

Now look, I’m no stranger to making wacky trade scenarios on here, as I’ve even written about how it could have been a fun idea for the Knicks to have brought in both John Wall and ‘Boogie’ Cousins via trade last year.

I made it very clear it was just a joke article and didn’t make any real-life sense whatsoever.

It was written at a time where we as fans had no real idea what the Knicks were truly about and since they seemed to be going with a lot of former Kentucky players, bringing in two of the best former Wildcats of all time could have been a cute idea.

So, obviously, I agree with the sentiment of this article. The Knicks SHOULD NOT trade for John Wall.

That’s not where my disagreement stems from.

My beef is with the following statement – “Wall shouldn’t be on the minds of New York’s front office, while it would still be a total Knicks move to try to acquire him.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Knicks have been arguably the most dysfunctional organization in the entire NBA and even all of sports for the better part of two decades.

Us fans know this all too well and honestly, we’re sick of hearing about it. We’re trying to heal.

The reason I say the author isn’t a true fan is that if they had been following all the moves made since Leon Rose came aboard as intimately as I have, they’d know that a trade for John Wall is a Knicks-of-old move and today’s regime frankly just isn’t that dumb.

I’m not even going to begin speaking about how there’s legitimately no room for Wall on the roster as the Knicks are incredibly deep at both guard spots now, or how the finances wouldn’t make a stitch of sense.

Because the Knicks would likely have to move both Kemba and Evan Fournier and even more players just to match salaries.

But that’s not a part of my argument.

The Knicks are back, hate to break it to the world…they’re done making bone-headed moves like trading for oft-injured former All-Stars and guys well past their prime.

We don’t see articles like this written about well-run organizations like the Heat or Lakers…why?

Because they don’t have the track record that the Knicks do.

But the longer that the Knicks string together positive offseason after offseason, the less sense it’ll make for writers across the internet to publish silly stuff like this.