NY Knicks: 3 free agents NY should have pushed harder for this offseason

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NY Knicks, Kyle Lowry, Carmelo Anthony, Spencer Dinwiddie

NY Knicks, Kyle Lowry, Carmelo Anthony, Spencer Dinwiddie (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Let me start this off by saying that the NY Knicks had an incredible offseason. Far better than I would have ever imagined.

They pretty much made the best moves they could have possibly made short of making a big trade for a Superstar or All-Star caliber player to pair with Julius Randle.

But, I still think there were a couple of acquisitions out there that could have improved the team even more so.

Going into the offseason, it was pretty clear where the Knicks needed to improve. They needed playmakers and bucket-getters on the perimeter.

Having two, versatile, inside-out scorers in Julius Randle and RJ Barrett can only carry a team so far.

What free agents do you think the NY Knicks should have tried harder for?

They needed guys who could create for themselves and others around them while being reliable enough offensively to go and get the team a bucket when called upon.

And frankly, the front office did just that.

This article is hard for me to write because I love everything the Knicks and the front office have done this summer, from the draft night trades to the free agency signings, to bringing back all the right pieces and letting the expendable ones walk.

But still, there were a few instances where had they been a little more aggressive, I think the team could have looked a lot different this season and for the better.

Here are 3 free agents I believe the Knicks should have pushed harder for this offseason.

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