Knicks Rumors: Evan Fournier and NY have mutual interest in free agency

NY Knicks, Evan Fournier (Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images)
NY Knicks, Evan Fournier (Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images) /

NBA Free Agency starts on Monday, and after Thursday evening’s draft, it looks like the New York Knicks could be busy this upcoming week.

One name that has been brought up over the last several months here on Daily Knicks has been Boston’s, Evan Fournier.

I wrote yesterday about the idea of trading for Buddy Hield and how I’ve tried writing it into existence a bunch of times since December of 2020, but if there’s a second-place name whom I’ve written most about the Knicks trading for prior to last season’s deadline, it was Evan Fournier.

I remember it like it was just yesterday, March 25th, 2021, myself and the rest of the Daily Knicks crew were texting one another non-stop, trying to guess what deals the Knicks were going to make that day come 3 PM.

It seemed as if there was traction on a few big names like Lonzo Ball for example, and then I recall getting the notification from Ian Begley of SNY that the Knicks were in talks about acquiring Evan Fournier.

Should the Knicks sign Evan Fournier this offseason?

I couldn’t have been more excited, as he was a good shooter that could help stretch the floor, he was another creator on offense that could bring the ball up the floor and play make a bit and was another scorer to help take attention away from RJ Barrett and Julius Randle.

It was a match made in heaven for a Knicks roster who was on its way to its first playoff birth in over 8 years.

But then, tragedy struck.

Boston…OF ALL TEAMS BOSTON…traded just two 2nd round picks for Fournier and my dreams were crushed.

Why couldn’t the Knicks part with just two measly 2nd round picks to get a star like Evan Fournier?

In hindsight, it was all for the best because, in reality, the Knicks weren’t going to be competing for a deep playoff run or a title last year, so maintaining any and all assets for the future was the better move.

Not only did the trade not amount to anything of substance for Boston, but now Fournier has more leverage at the negotiating table since the Celtics forked over assets to acquire him, and talks on an extension are supposedly dead in the water.

Mark Murphy from the Boston Herald reported:

"As it turns out, the Celtics’ trade for Josh Richardson may have been insurance for a free-agent priority that is not working out so well.According to a league source, negotiations between the Celtics and Evan Fournier are close to stalling, with the team unwilling to meet the valuable wing player’s asking price of $80 million over four years.Though it’s unclear what the Celtics are offering, “it’s not looking good,” said the source."

As evidenced by reports that the Knicks and Fournier have developed a mutual interest, the Celtics now face stiff competition.

This news came shortly after a report from SNY’s Ian Begley had this to say regarding Fournier:

"Another player to keep an eye on? Evan Fournier.There has been mutual interest between Fournier and the Knicks, per SNY sources. Fournier had significant support in the organization prior to Thursday’s draft.It doesn’t seem like anything that happened on draft night would change that. The Philadelphia Inquirer first reported that Fournier was a target for New York."

Fournier is reportedly asking for a 4-year, $80 million deal from Boston. Once they give up on re-signing him, the asking price may come down a bit.

I believe the Knicks could secure Fournier’s services for something to the tune of 2-years, $50 million with a team option on the second year.

This would help the team maintain its flexibility come next offseason.

What are your thoughts on the Knicks acquiring Evan Fournier? Leave a comment below.

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