NBA Draft: Ziaire Williams NY workout — “I would love to go to the Knicks”

Ziaire Williams, NY Knicks, NBA Draft. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
Ziaire Williams, NY Knicks, NBA Draft. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports /
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NBA Draft, Knicks
Ziaire Williams, NBA Draft, Knicks. Mandatory Credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports /

NBA Draft: Ziaire Williams’ workout with the New York Knicks

Williams’ workout with the Knicks on Tuesday seemed pretty in-depth based on the language he used on a zoom call with reporters. In his article, Marc Berman said Ziaire Williams “Singled out Knicks senior adviser William Wesley, who has as much influence as anyone in the organization.”

In the workout, he went up against another unnamed player.

On his workout and outlook on New York, Williams said,

"“I worked out with the Knicks — I loved it there, too,’’ Williams said. “It was a great workout and intense. I loved World Wide Wes. He’s my guy. That dude is a character. I met coach Thibodeau. I met all the guys. A super-great staff. Real passionate about their jobs. I would love to go to the Knicks for sure.’’"

Ziaire Williams’ draft stock is… unknown. You could say that about most NBA Draft prospects outside of the top-4, but Williams in particular has been all over analysts and scouts’ big boards.

In some ways, it’s expected. A huge high school recruit who disappointed in his freshman season in college, but a player many believe that the high-end talent is still there, waiting to be unlocked.

It’s a classic boom-or-bust-style draft storyline.

The 6’8, ball-handling Williams’ “ceiling” is what is always talked about in his profile. His “potential” to be a go-to scorer in the NBA. What sometimes gets lost, is the stage before he hits his ceiling.

Williams is a tall, lanky wing with a smooth stroke, who has also shown he is a competitive defender. That type of profile early in his career could be a terrific match for the New York Knicks. Williams himself seems to recognize his fit in New York.