NY Knicks Draft: A scout and non-believer talk Ziaire Williams

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NY Knicks

Ziaire Williams, NY Knicks, NBA Draft. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Ahead of the NY Knicks draft, Part II of the “Scout and a Non-Believer” series will be discussing Ziaire Williams, the long, multi-talented forward from Stanford who’s among the most intriguing prospects in a draft full of them.

My skepticism, for lack of a better word, is nothing like my concern regarding Jaden Springer, who we covered in the series’ first installment. While Springer’s fundamentals and physicality stand out on film, my cause for pause is derived from his seeming lack of dynamism; Williams, however, is ALL potential dynamism and flashes (and I mean briefest of flickers) of stardom without the same sort of safe floor.

I could see him being amazing, and I could see him struggling to find his way, and I have no clue which is more likely. And that terrifies me. I tend to lean toward “safe” guys (Mikal Bridges proving that they can have pretty high ceilings, too), and I’m of the mindset that the Knicks HAVE TO HIT in this draft – even if it’s on a role player – to keep this resurrection train rolling.

NY Knicks: Ziaire Williams is a polarizing prospect

So the uncertainty regarding Ziaire, who’s projected in the NY Knicks’ range and (like Springer) has strong support throughout #KnicksTwitter, worries me.  Luckily, Stewart Zahn is back to ease my concerns.

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