Knicks Rumors: NY could have quiet summer in exchange for big splash in 2022

The Knicks may look to be a little more passive this summer than some fans may have hoped and in exchange, they could look to make a big move in free agency in 2022.

The narrative has been that this free agency pool is a bit on the lackluster side, so instead of paying big on some guys that may not be in the team’s future plans, the wise move would be to hold off until next year when the market will be stocked with star talent.

Ian Begley of SNY reported:

As recently as last month, a source said the Knicks have talked internally about the possibility of holding enough cap space this summer for 2022 and keeping enough money around to be able to go after a max player in that 2022 class, which should include Zach LaVine and Bradley Beal.

I’ve watched the Knicks make boneheaded move after boneheaded move for quick fixes, whether it be going all-in for a free agent that probably wouldn’t amount to much more winning or trades that severely weakened the current roster.

Would you want the Knicks to stay quiet this summer or be more aggressive?

The Knicks have been the butt of many jokes in the media for these exact types of moves, so to hear that the front office is not looking to be as aggressive if they don’t see the right pieces to add is promising.

Leon Rose and Co could easily buy into their own hype and seeing how well the Knicks did last year, double down and bring in whoever they could this summer even if their ceiling would be a second-round exit of the playoffs.

But instead, they’re possibly looking to play the slow game.

Either way, I trust in whatever this front office does moving forward.

If the Knicks were to make a big move this offseason, I would much rather them consolidate some of the 4 draft selections they have during July 29th’s NBA Draft and try to move up.

I’ve written extensively on players whom I believe would be perfect fits on a Knicks roster centered around Julius Randle and RJ Barrett.

The only trade I think I would be a proponent of would be one for Collin Sexton, depending on what the price tag ultimately ends up being.

That said, as much of a fan I am of the huge roster shake-ups and moves, I’m prepared for a bunch of one-year deals and perhaps a bit of regression as a team.

As long as RJ Barrett and the other young pups develop and improve, I’m here for the ride.