One player at each position New York Knicks should target in Offseason

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New York Knicks point guard target: Damian Lillard

Maybe I’m a prisoner of the moment and an opportunist, but Damian Lillard to the New York Knicks this offseason just makes too much sense. He’s long been outed of the playoffs too early for his status as a perennial superstar and New York may be ready to make a jump for a star to pair with Randle.

The Trail Blazers’ most recent exit to the Denver Nuggets proves that Lillard can’t win with the current Portland roster. CJ McCollum has proved nothing more than that he can be the number two option on a regular-season team. When it comes to the playoffs, the moment is either too big or he just simply doesn’t have the right game to help take his team further.

Head coach Terry Stotts has been fired, with reports linking Jason Kidd as a potential replacement. This could be in an effort to keep Lillard in a Blazers jersey, but with any coaching change, it often goes much deeper.

If Lillard does come to the Knicks, he wouldn’t need to fix his role. Damian Lillard would still be the go-to guy. He’s averaged almost 25 points per game for his career, let alone one season. But the idea of having Julius Randle as the number two option to CJ McCollum has to spark interest.

Get this straight – I’m a CJ McCollum fan. He’s got one of the best games of shooting guards in the NBA. But sometimes, you’ve got to move on, and if Lillard moves to New York and joins Julius Randle, it could be for the better.