NY Knicks NBA Draft: 3 reasons Davion Mitchell would be an ideal fit

Davion Mitchell, NBA Draft, NY Knicks. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Davion Mitchell, NBA Draft, NY Knicks. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /
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NY Knicks: Davion Mitchell is one of the most well-rounded guards in the NBA Draft

Defense, speed, and playmaking – These are all reasons to believe that Davion Mitchell would be an excellent selection for The NY Knicks in the 2021 NBA Draft. Think about the roster right now.

Elfrid Payton at starting point guard has been a big debate among fans this season and I’m not sure if he will have a long-term future with the team. The consensus “Biggest need” for this team has been a playmaking point guard. Someone who can create more offense for others and space the floor.

Davion Mitchell could find himself playing point guard, shooting guard, and probably a lot of both. When I look at NBA comparisons for prospects, I try to think in different tiers – Players of different calibers to match what I think the prospect’s range of outcomes may be. It’s hard to avoid Marcus Smart as a comparison, so I’m going to say Davion Mitchell most reminds me of Smart, Jalen Brunson, and… another Mitchell – Donovan Mitchell.

It’s a big name, but I really do see the potential for Davion Mitchell to become a high-level scorer who can break down defenses with dribbling and speed at a high level while also being a nice facilitator. The 6’2 Donovan Mitchell has a much bigger wingspan than Davion, but even their shooting forms are strikingly similar.

So let’s calm down for a second and think about what Mitchell could immediately be for The NY Knicks. Obviously, most of this depends on what the Knicks roster looks like heading into the draft. I wrote about how Reggie Bullock, Alec Burks, and Derrick Rose are all impending free agents and it’s unlikely the team re-signs everyone. If the Knicks let Burks or Rose walk, I think Mitchell can step into the bench scorer + facilitator role nicely.

Davion Mitchell can bring the downhill speed and athleticism that Rose has provided The Knicks this season. In many ways, I think he could take on the role that we hoped Frank Ntilikina could grow into: A 6th-man-type role of a shutdown perimeter defender who runs the offense for the 2nd unit. A Swiss army knife.

Whatever Davion Mitchell’s ceiling may be, I think there’s an easy path for him to be an immediate impact player for NY. His defense alone will get him into the lineup, but the added playmaking and scoring will at the very least give the ability to be a lead guard off the bench for The Knicks.

If Davion Mitchell is available for The Knicks in the upcoming NBA Draft, I would love to see them pounce. Another building block for immediate success and the future.

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