Knicks: Should New York look to sign DeMarcus Cousins?

In a recent article, I discussed a silly little idea regarding a trade for “Boogie” Cousins and John Wall to the New York Knicks due to their Kentucky connection with Knicks’ Assistant coach Kenny Payne.

While the idea was meant to be a fun one, I’d be rioting in the streets outside Madison Square Garden if that trade had ever actually happened.

Since then, things have changed just a smidge because now, DeMarcus Cousins and the Houston Rockets are parting ways. While he may have a number of suitors in the league, most notably the Los Angeles Lakers, I do believe he may be better suited coming to be a part of the special situation budding here in New York.

DeMarcus Cousins could be on the Knicks’ radar as a mid-season free agency acquisition. Does the former Wildcat make any sense on the Knicks?

DeMarcus Cousins would provide a much different look to what the Knicks currently have in their frontcourt as a score-first big, who also brings with him a decent mid and long-range jumper paired with high-level playmaking at the 5-spot. Cousins has averaged between just under 3 and 5.5 assists per game throughout the majority of his career. 

With Boogie starting at the center position, it would relegate Nerlens Noel back to a role off the bench again, a role I believe he’s best suited for as the Knicks could really use another good scorer in the starting lineup in Noel’s place.

With a Cousins acquisition, it may make the Knicks’ rotation a little wonky right away, with things getting even weirder once Mitchell Robinson returns from his hand injury in a little over a month. I’ve explored 3 free agents the Knicks could sign in Mitch’s absence recently, but none of them would cause the rotational problems that Boogie would.

Cousins could play a little backup 4 if the Knicks choose to “play big” and run more pick-and-rolls with their second unit, but could certainly fill in nicely at the backup center spot upon Mitchell Robinson’s return.

That being said, the acquisition would make both Obi Toppin and Nerlens Noel expendable and likely to be moved in a “win-now” type of trade, let’s say……for a Bradley Beal perhaps?

I personally see Boogie wanting to join his buddy Anthony Davis again and making up for lost time, as the last time Cousins was on the Lakers, he tore his ACL and missed the entire year.

All things considered, the Kentucky ties cannot be ignored, and if Boogie has a list of teams he’d like to spend the rest of the season with, I’m sure the Knicks are somewhere atop that list.