Should the Knicks Trade for Darren Collison

Dec 27, 2014; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings guard Darren Collison (7) dribbles the ball past New York Knicks guard Jose Calderon (3) in the third quarter at Sleep Train Arena. The Kings won 135-129 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 27, 2014; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings guard Darren Collison (7) dribbles the ball past New York Knicks guard Jose Calderon (3) in the third quarter at Sleep Train Arena. The Kings won 135-129 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports /

The Knicks are reportedly interested in trading for Darren Collison, should they be exploring trade options with the Kings?

According to Ian Begley of ESPN, the New York Knicks are interested in trading for Sacramento Kings back-up point guard Darren Collison.

"The trade route is an option that had been discussed among members of the front office late in the season, per sources with knowledge of the talks; one player some in the organization are fond of is Darren Collison, who backed up Rondo in Sacramento this year, sources say.Do the Knicks have the pieces to deal for Collison, scheduled to make $5.2 million next season? That’s unclear. But if they can, such a transaction would probably leave the club with enough money to spend on another starting-caliber free agent."

Should the Knicks Trade for Darren Collison?

Last season, Collison averaged 14 points and 4.3 assists per game in a sixth man role with the Kings. Ending the season on a high note with a season-high 27 points, starting in place of the resting Rajon Rondo. Collison also added eight assists, five reboards, one steal and four three-pointers.

Collison has always thrived as a starter, averaging 14 points, 3 rebounds, and 5.8 assists per game in 314 regular season starts. Probably the most memorable starts, were when Collison stepped into the starting lineup as a rookie for the New Orleans Hornets, as point GOD Chris Paul was sidelined with injury.

Particularly when Paul tore cartilage in his left knee and was sidelined for over a month by surgery in early February of 2010. Collison burst onto the scene with 17 points and a Hornets rookie-record of 18 assists!

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A little over a month later, Collison would break his own Hornets rookie-record with 20 assists against the Golden State Warriors! Clearly Collison learned a thing or two about running the point under the tutelage of CP3!

Collison even notched his first and only career triple-double as a rookie against the Indiana Pacers. Scoring 18 points (7-13 FG, 1-2 3pt, 3-4 FT), grabbing 13 rebounds, and dishing out a dozen assists.

Darren Collison Triple-Double Highlights

Collison was phenomenal as a starter in his rookie season, averaging 18.8 points,  3.5 rebounds, 9 assists, and 1.4 steals per game. Collison recorded 14 double-doubles, and one triple-double en route to being named on the 2010 NBA All-Rookie First Team.

New York Knicks
New York Knicks /

New York Knicks

But herein lies the problem, we have too many fond memories of Collison as a rookie full of potential. Ever since the Hornets traded Collison away to the Pacers (the team he dropped a triple-double on) after his rookie season, he has only recorded 18 double-doubles in six seasons… That is only four more than his whole rookie season combined! Clearly without Chris Paul‘s guidance, Collison is just not the same player.

Also despite Collison’s quickness, he doesn’t really take advantage of it by attacking the rim. According to, Collison only averaged 4.4 drives per game this season. Yes… that is more drives per game than any active player on the Knicks roster (Jerian Grant topping out at 3.5 drives per game, as per BUT that doesn’t really say much… as New York was a league-worst 15.5 drives per game, as per

Too often Collison settles for pull-up jumpers, taking them 38.5% of the time this season, as per Which actually is a huge improvement, considering the fact that last season HALF his shot-selections were pull-up jumpers.

Another stat that shows Collison not putting his quickness to good use is tracking of average speed, defined as the average speed in miles per hour of all movements (sprinting, jogging, standing, walking) by a player while on the court. Collison’s average speed is 4.19 mile per hour, which is slower than Knicks’ backcourt zombie of Jose Calderon (4.21) and Sasha Vujacic (4.41).

On defense, Collison’s average speed is even slower… at 3.95 mile per hour, as per So it isn’t a surprise that according to, Collison allow opponents to shoot 2.9% better overall than their average field goal percentage. And that Collison is ranked 73rd in defensive real plus-minus for all point guards… with a -2.45 DRPM as per ESPN. So clearly Collison would not be much of an improvement on the defensive end, should he be a Knick.

As Collison is not much of an improvement in BOTH the crucial areas that New York is desperately lacking in, being drives to the rim or defensive presence at point guard, I would say that he is not a must have.

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The other problem is… who would the Knicks even trade… New York isn’t exactly stacked with assets. Derrick Williams‘ next season contract of $4,598,000 is similar to Collison’s $5,229,454, but that is assuming Williams opts into his player option.

Williams has been inconsistent but still serviceable this season. And that is exactly what the Kings has already experienced with Williams, as he was with Sacramento from 2013-2015, so I don’t think Williams would be able to net Collison.

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Either way, the Knicks should not go overboard in trying to obtain Collison. DEFINITELY DO NOT GIVE UP ANY DRAFT PICKS FOR HIM….