Why the Knicks DO NOT Need Dwight Howard!

Dwight Howard is interested in coming to the New York Knicks… Here is why the Gotham should not pursue “Superman”.

According to Ian Begley of ESPN, the New York Knicks will have at least $18 million to spend in this upcoming summer free agency, and Dwight Howard is interested in coming to the Big Apple.

one name to keep in mind this summer is Dwight Howard.

Some of Howard’s friends have let it be known recently that the center would be interested in coming to New York as a free agent if he opts out of his current contract, league sources say.

Whether Jackson and the Knicks would be interested in a player like Howard is another question entirely.

I hope to God that Jackson and the Knicks ARE NOT interested in Howard…

Howard is currently in his third year with the Houston Rockets, averaging 15 points and 12.1 rebounds per game this season.

Yes, Howard use to be one of the best (if not THE best) defensive players in the league. In the past decade, Howard holds five of the best defensive win share seasons, as per Basketball-Reference. With Howard single-handily holding the top-three spots in the last decade! His best season of which was 2010-2011 with 7.7 defensive win shares. From 2008-2011 Howard held a defensive win share above 7 each season!

To put that in perspective, no one is even close to 5 defensive win shares this season… While last season’s Defensive Player of the Year, Kawhi Leonard held a 4.4 defensive win share last season. Dwight Howard was truly a magnificent specimen with a 35 max vertical leap, and a wingspan of 7′ 4.5″, as per Draft Express.

Howard won NBA Defensive Player of the Year for three straight seasons, from 2009 – 2011. D12 was named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team for four consecutive seasons, from 2009 – 2012. “Superman” led the league in rejections for a couple of seasons in a row, from 2009 – 2010.


Ever since Howard underwent back surgery to repair a herniated disk in April of 2012, he has never been the same. He has been well below 5 defensive win shares ever since. Howard’s defensive abilities has declined so much so, that his defensive win shares are down to 2.2 for the last couple of seasons… Where once upon a time Howard use to average close to three blocks per game, he is now averaging half of that this season…

Howard has barely been a deterrent in the paint this season, lowering opponent’s field goal percentage within six feet of the rim by only -3.1% this season, as per NBA.com. New York’s current center, Robin Lopez is more than triple that this season, with a -10.8% difference in opponent’s field goal percentage within six feet of the rim, as per NBA.com. While Knicks’ prized unicorn rookie Kristaps Porzingis is lowering opponent’s field goal percentage within six feet of the rim by -9.3% this season, as per NBA.com.

What is almost equally worse, is the fact that Dwight Howard is a big baby… Demanding a trade request from the Orlando Magic, when they had a magical ride to the NBA Finals not too long ago… And when he got traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, he wanted to be “the man”, yet shied away from Kobe Bryant‘s tutelage… Now he wants out of the Houston Rocketsreportedly not getting along with James Harden… When will this man be happy…?

Howard’s leadership has even come into question from teammates he went to the NBA Finals with… Former-teammate J.J. Redick crushed Howard’s leadership ability, as per Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz of USA TODAY Sports.

I would be more surprised when Dwight starts taking responsibility. That would be the most negative thing I can say, but that’s the truth.”

You can’t take all the credit and not accept any of the blame.”

Carmelo Anthony is already a work-in-process in the leadership department, doing a great job of it this year – being a “big brother” and mentor to rookie Kristaps Porzingis. Also at least Anthony takes ownership of his failures, not shying away from the New York media. Howard would get EATEN ALIVE by the New York media… if he were to come…

The Knicks do not need Howard’s highly questionable leadership skills to be put into the mix… Nor does New York need his declining skills… Please Phil Jackson, take a pass on “Superman”… there is too much kryptonite in Gotham.


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